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Ice House, Scrabster - 22 September

Scrabster Pictures 14 June 2001

Scrabster Harbour Day  June 2001

The Vent    - A new sculptue

Scrabster Harbour From Scrabster House 

March 2001 Pictures of Scrabster

A Walk Round Scrabster Harbour on 30 November 2000  - Click Here for 38 New Pictures

A vehicle and passenger ferry plies across the Pentland firth to Orkney from here.  Scrabster is still a fishing port and is the main Caithness port for the sport of sea-angling.  There is a fine walk along Holborn Head, north of Scrabster.  Care should be taken near the cliff edges, especially in wet or windy conditions.

                                                   Pictures taken 18 October 2000.
Weather was fine and the harbour area busy with the ferry leaving for Orkney and timber being loaded from lorries on to a waiting vessel.  Cattle from Orkney were still being loaded.  With the fish market earlier in the day Scrabster was certainly buzzing.  The harbour in recent years has had major improvements and more are in the pipeline.  Already many new offices and the fish market have improved facilities.  Proposals to increase the size of the Pier at the harbour will significantly increase the size of boats able to dock.

ferryholbornhead.jpg (42958 bytes)
Ferry rounds Holborn Head

ferryinn.jpg (43176 bytes)
Ferry Inn

fishmiss.jpg (39312 bytes)
Fisherman's Mission and Cafe

coastguardscrab.jpg (37217 bytes)
Coastguard Store

coastguardsign.jpg (26438 bytes)

ferry.jpg (41315 bytes)
Ferry Ready to Depart

ferryscrabter.jpg (43117 bytes)
Ferry to Orkney

holbornlight1.jpg (41235 bytes)
Holborn Head Light

newhousingscrabster.jpg (37221 bytes)
New houses at Scrabster

portscrabster.jpg (43000 bytes)
Scrabster Port

roadtoscrabster.jpg (32034 bytes)
Road to port

scrabster2jpg.jpg (41746 bytes)
Harbour view

harb2.jpg (35445 bytes)

harbouroff.jpg (40065 bytes)
Harbour Office

holbornlight.jpg (41044 bytes)
Holborn Head Lighthouse

ice.jpg (37504 bytes)
Loading Ice

lifeboat.jpg (39078 bytes)
 Lifeboat Page

orkferry.jpg (37273 bytes)
Orkney Ferry Leaving 

orkferry2.jpg (42709 bytes)
Ferry Leaving

scrabharb1.jpg (42148 bytes)
Many types of boat use harbour

timberload2.jpg (33445 bytes)
Loading timber

timberload3.jpg (35180 bytes)

timberload4.jpg (35567 bytes)

timberloading.jpg (38175 bytes)

fisheryprotection.jpg (37598 bytes)
Fishery Protection Vessel
Summer 2000

scrabstercoast1.jpg (37083 bytes)
Looking to Thurso

creelstoice.jpg (43506 bytes)
Creels looking to Ice Plant

victorybuckie.jpg (40485 bytes)
Victory - Buckie

gargoyle.jpg (34094 bytes)
Gargoyle Lookout

Scrabster House

Scrabster Harbour Day 2000

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