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The Ice House was open for the public to see inside on Saturday 22 September 2001.  This was where ice was stored before it could be made.  Ice came from above the ice house and also was brought in by ship from Norway.  Jim Cowie the present owner intends to turn the Ice House and the Bothy next to it into a high quality Seafood Restaurant in 2002.   A new modern kitchen will be added to the right of the Ice House.  The Ice House will be restored inside to ensure the stonework is clearly visible retaining its original look.  The Bothy has already been modernised by having inside insulation and boarding added.  This will be removed to put the building back to its original stone walls to bring back the true character of the period it was built in.  This could be a much sought after place to eat next year.  The fish is landed locally at Scrabster which is just yards away.