News Archive - March 2001

Access For People With Disabilities in Caithness
Caithness.Org has commenced a section on Access For People With Disabilities.  The main aim will be over time to produce an Access Guide To Caithness.  This will be built gradually as we collate information on buildings, places to stay, restaurants and other facilities.  You can all play a part by sending us information on facilities in Caithness to let everyone else know what is available.  We will add links to national information web sites with useful information.  Unlike traditional paper based guides we can start letting people know what we know right away without waiting to gather every bit of detail. With everyone's help It will not take long so lets go.

School Days Section 17 New Pictures In
A collection of 17 pictures from Miller Academy Centenary year 1962 are now in the section.  If you have one from that year not shown then get in touch.  Mr Lannon, the headmaster would like to complete the set and get copies of yours.  Send in any pictures as jpeg files or lend us your picture to scan.  If you have a list of names for any picture we can add it.

Dunbeath School - Great Education In The North
22 pupils in a school built only ten years ago have all the facilities including computers and a gymnasium.  See Also New Dunbeath Pictures in and more over next few days.

A Few Years Later Will They "Set the Record Straight"
The reunions are setting people thinking about their early years at school.  Does anyone else have any reminiscences to share.

E-Access Bulletin For Visually Impaired Interests
This E-zine can be obtained every month free of charge.  Reproduced here to let you see what's in it and go and sign up if the topic is of interest.  Keeping you up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Battery Plant On Major Expansion In Thurso
AEA Technology Batteries & Power Management Systems is getting ready launch a significant expansion of its operation in Thurso.  The launch today of a major recruitment drive for over 30 new staff at all levels from clerical through to design engineers, software engineers, production and technical posts and many others shows long term commitment being made in expanding the capacity of the plant. Check the Jobs Pages

Caithness Multimedia Expansion Creates New Jobs
New developments at Caithness Multimedia Ltd mean their requirements for new staff with multimedia, programming and design skills has increased.  New job opportunities feature in the Caithness Business Pages.

Blood Donor Dates For Thurso, Wick & Golspie
Dates now available for April and May.  There are no sessions in June.

Subterranean Landscape Blues
A new exhibition including a short film about the subterranean tunnels in Easter Ross built to hold the entire North Atlantic Fleets' oil reserve.  A fascinating story on at St Fergus Gallery, Wick.  31 March to 12 April.
See the page for more details. 

Miller Academy Football Team 1950
Did your father or Grandfather pay for this team fifty years ago?  Another picture in School Days.  Send your old picture in to add to the album.

Have You Been In Wick Library Recently?
Its a light and airy place in the library now.  Check out what's on offer.

Loch Watten
This loch is a very popular fishing loch and boats can be hired from local fishing tackle shops.  Caithness has over 100 lochs with fish in them.  Here is a list of a few.

Castle of Mey
Many thanks to Margaret Bruce for this picture of the Queen Mother's castle. Caithness Castles Index

Lyth Arts Centre New Season
Lyth Arts Caithness theatre in the countryside starts its new season in April and presents two outstanding groups - Shine - New Celtic Music and The Scottish Guitar Quintet - Jazz

North Highland Archive
Newsletter No 10 April - June 2001
The archive quarterly newsletter with updates on new material and what volunteers have been doing.

Australia Back In Business - Mandy's Back
Hi Kids - See you in Caithness in a few years.  Bring Dad - and organise your own reunion.  Just ask mum how its done from round the globe.

Jenny The Potter Is Back
Looking for a giant fossil then get on over to North Shore Pottery where Jenny has returned from her sojourn in Spain.  Getting into full swing with her unique salt fired pottery Jenny is fired up and ready to throw that clay.

49-51 Reunion Sold Out Already
If you needed any evidence of the power of the Internet then this might prove it.  With over four months to go all 160 tickets have been snapped up.  With a very focused team and using the tickets have moved faster than anyone expected.  Only reservations for cancellations are now available. is happy to assist any other reunions with pages FREE of charge.

Another Sporty Web Site
They are coming thick and fast now.  Caithness must be one of the fastest growing areas on the Internet.  We are announcing new web sites all the time.  The latest is
"E Big H"  All the latest news on Caithness Badminton Club. Thurso Squash Club & when the season starts - Halkirk Football Club.

John O'Groats School 1926
Full marks to the teacher in this photo who thought to have one of her pupils holding a slate with name and June 1926 on it.  Thanks to Hugh Ross for sending it in.

Visitor Records Broken Again In March
With a week still to go visitors to Caithness.Org have smashed last months highest ever total.  Total hits have passed 859,117 with visitors at 32,462 looking at 172,707 pages. Thanks for your support.  We still do not know when you will get fed up with us and surf off to web sites new. Keep your requests coming and send us any pictures of Caithness old or new for inclusion on the pages.  End of March figures look like being blockbusters.  A million hits looks as if it will be broken in March.  Thanks again.

Berriedale Pictures -  Camera Pointing Everyway
Fifteen new pictures of Berriedale in this section and we have tidied up the main section.  And no you would never run out of things to look at in Berriedale.  See next item.

Wellbeck Estates
If you thought the first set of Berriedale showed some nice views then I am afraid as you go inland it just gets better and better.  This is a popular route for walkers who should call at the keepers house as there is no one for many miles as you go inland should you get lost.  This forms part of the estate and there is a route up to the top of Morven currently covered in snow as in the pictures in the last set.

Have a Vintage Holiday in Caithness
Can't promise a vintage Rolls Royce like these at the Portland Arms Hotel but everyone who Comes to Caithness is glad they did.  Apart from the empty roads to drive on (population in the north of Scotland is the lowest in Britain) you will get a warm and genuine welcome from everyone.  See the coast, harbours, history, museums, churches, castles, meet the people, enjoy food, relax and breathe the fresh air. And yes its windy.

This Is An Office In Caithness
Some people have all the luck and work in picturesque offices like this.  This is the Wellbeck Estates Office in Berriedale.  Later today the camera will point the other way for even more views.  I know I know but we have to sleep sometimes.

New Pictures in Photo Features

See Thurso or Wick and Villages by Local Bus
This Blue Highland bus was waiting to start its trip round Wick this morning.
If you visit Caithness without a car or even if you want to leave it for a while you can see a lot of Thurso, Wick and other villages on the bus.  Its cheap and you can sit and see the place while someone else does the driving.  Just ask people on the bus what you are passing and they will soon help you out.

News Coordination Centre Foot & Mouth Latest
This web site gives you links to all the latest sources of information and how it affects various sectors from farming to tourism.  Answers questions about where you can and cannot go.  Forget the rumours check it out here.  If you are looking for the link later you will now find one in our Newsfeeds and Links pages.

Caithness Web Sites - The Pace Quickens
Caithness is creating web sites at a faster rate now and Wick Players have just announced that they will shortly be found at so bookmark another web site or find it later in our listings of Caithness non-business sites.  You will find Caithness Business Web sites in our Caithness Business Pages.  Let us know about your new website to get listed and get found.  Talk to us about building a web page that gets seen.

Help Your Neighbour Get Their Free Page
All businesses in Caithness can get a free entry in the Caithness Business Pages.  But they might not be on the Internet.  If you know of a business not in our pages help us to help them by letting us know who is missing.  We will do the rest.  We will contact them and build their free page. and the Caithness Business Pages aims to give every business in Caithness a presence on the Internet so they do not miss out.  There is no catch.  Almost a thousand others are already in.

Visit John O'Groats
The John O'Groats Promotional Group have announced the Launch of their new web site - "Visit John O'Groats".

One Million Pound Seal Centre
The Seal Centre previously proposed for Castlehill now looks as if it will be built at John O'Groats.  Although a sanctuary for seals it is certain to become an attraction for visitors to the county and will be built with this in mind.  The change in site has arisen following doubts about the water quality at Castlehill.

Barrogill Street, Wick
This short street in Wick has houses and for the last few years sees lots of activities when the weekly auctions sale is on at Coghill's Auction in the Barrogill Hall.  The familiar van with the logo "Yer Local Man" is often to be seen making pick ups and deliveries around Caithness.  Apart from weekly auctions of household and other goods on a Friday evening there are antique sales when there is usually a lot of interest.

Wick's French Connection
Bord de l'Eau opened its doors for the first time this week.  Dany and Janice Cretien chose the name which means "edge of the water" as the restaurant looks out on the Wick river.  Dany hails from Agen near Bordeaux and is a trained chef.  They will offer a range of French and European dishes at affordable prices.  French wine of course.

Boat At Broadhaven
Boats are parked all over Caithness.

1000 Lorries A Month To Build New Scrabster Pier
In 18 months Scrabster will have its new pier capable of taking much larger ferries and with covered walkways for passengers to the terminal building.  Costing over £16 million there will be many new jobs created during the construction period.

Wick Planters To Expand
Wick will bloom more than ever this year as schools are to add a further 38 hanging baskets of flowers to the 40 put up by a local contractor.  The local gardening club will also provide large will planters and arrange for flowers.  In addition there will be a competition for hanging baskets in private gardens this year.  A further plan to build three large raised boxes of flowers on each road into the town is being looked at.

Royal Hotel, Thurso

Its Those Reunion Pictures Flooding In

Importing Your Own Car - What You Need To know
You can check out the new pages from Dept of Environment and Transport via our Car Links page

Looking For European Funding
Highlands and Islands Special Transitional Programme have launched a web site where much of the information is being drawn together.  Check our funding for charities page or the business links page for the link.

Latheron Hall Open Day
Saturday 31st March 12 noon - 4 p.m.  Various sports activities will be on display and to try out, plus displays of other activities in the hall. The committee would also like people to come along and give constructive suggestions on activities they would like to have there on a regular basis, and it is an ideal opportunity for those looking at the hall as a possible venue to come and see the hall.

Miller Family History New Pictures
In addition to Miller pictures their are now Thackray pictures and pictures from world War 1 and The Boer War.

Message from Aussie for The Academy Reunion
Its not over till its over and it looks likely to run and run.  So cracking on to the Reunion Follow ups.  Anyone else from the night is welcome to send in their comments , views or witty points within reason.

Academy Pictures from 1946, 1947, 1948
These pictures have been received from Germany for three years of one class at Academy in Wick.  No names as yet.  Getting digging in those old boxes and tines for more.

Caithness Classic Motor Cycle Club Rally 2001
Sunday 20th May - Meet at Lybster Main St 10:00am
Run starts at 11.00am
With so many rallies being cancelled due to Foot & Mouth the Caithness one which will be held totally on public roads this year is sure to be popular.  Already over 130 have booked so get your form and payment in soon(7 May latest) to allow for catering and other arrangements.

Forss Country House Hotel
Forss Area Page has been given a upgrade with the inclusion of pictures of Forss Mill and a few of Forss Country House Hotel where you can have an excellent meal and sample one of the huge range of malt whiskies whilst relaxing by an open fire looking out over the river which runs by the old mill.

The Sea Exhibition of Paintings and Photographs
Exhibition finished 24 March 2001 -More pictures coming to Caithness.Org soon.  The exhibition of paintings and pictures on "The Sea" from the family albums of pupils at Hillhead school is on for the rest of this week at the St Fergus Gallery in Wick.  The times for his remarkable exhibition are in the What's On.  Pictures have been framed to a high standard and are available for sale at £15 each but only a few are left.

Election In The North On The Web
Thurso Branch of The Scottish National Party have launched a web site in support of their candidate John MacAdam.  Caithness.Org is linking all the local information with biographies and later on statements from all the candidates.  We hear more web sites may be on the way for other candidates making this the first time the parliamentary election for Caithness, Sutherland and East Ross-shire has been fought in this way.

What's The European Union All About?
Caithness.Org has added a substantial number of to links to EU sites.  Whatever your interest in Europe you find a start into finding out about the Organisations, Parliament, Business, Funding for business and the voluntary sector.

Charities And The Internet
OK we know its overwhelming but is your group making the most of the Internet.  A new report brings you the latest research.

Community Web Sites
Our listing of area community and other web sites is still growing but if you know of any now listed send us the details to include in the lists

School Days
The response to our request for school pictures has been very fast.  We have started the new section with two pictures just in for Canisbay 1932 above and Miller Academy 1951-52 Class 3a.  Many thanks to Allan Lannon and Hugh Ross for the pictures.  If anyone would like to add to the section just send in a picture by email or loan it to us for scanning.

New Scrabster Pictures

Where Is This Little Bit of Caithness?

Rooftops Of Wick
This section of pictures was taken on Saturday 17 March from beside the Assembly Rooms Wick where you get a great view of the town.

Wick Spring
Spring in the flower beds push the recent cold weather back.

Election Eye On Caithness.Org
Up to the general election Caithness.Org will bring you pages on the candidates to let you see who you are voting for and what there policies are.  Caithness.Org will publish biographies and a statement up to 1500 words from each candidate. 

More Pictures From The Bowling Competition

Caithness County Indoor Bowling 2001
The 2001 annual Caithness Indoor Bowling Association competition saw 31 teams from all over Caithness compete.  The final was very close with Dunbeath A winning 10 - 9 over Watten A.  Nail biting to the end.

Miller Academy - Red Nose Day
With wearing red maybe it would make a good school uniform.  You could not miss them like this.  More pictures inside.

North School 1962 Photo
Another picture sent in by the 49-51 Reunion group.

School Days
If you have any pictures from your school days you think other people might like to see then send a jpeg file by email or let us have loan of the picture to scan and we will make page for it.  It can be anything class photo, sports, school play or other activity recent or many years ago.

Red Nose Day Hillhead School
Hillhead Primary School has raised over £500 for Comic Relief. 

Big Turnout For Bygone Thurso Talk
Over 250 people packed the British Legion Hall in Thurso to hear Alan McIvor and see his slides of Bygone Thurso. Organisers were taken aback by the record crowd and really pleased as the funds raised go to the Thurso Heritage Society Museum.

The Meadow Well, Thurso

Playden Nursery New Page
This nursery has been running for over 30 years in Thurso.  A list of Caithness playgroups and nurseries is in the Social Pages.  If your group is not listed get in touch and get the details on Caithness.Org.  Its FREE to all non-profits.

Holidays In Caithness
New Weigh Inn, Thurso
Although the weather is not quite spring like hotels and guest houses are all ready for the season.  Caithness boasts some comfortable and well known hotels.  In Wick Mackays Hotel maintains high standards and offers free golf at courses in Caithness and in recent years has refurbished extensively throughout whilst the New Weigh Inn has been completely rebuilt.  Caithness.Org New Business Pages have Hotels, Bed &  Breakfast, Caravan & Camping.  Caithness.Org and the Caithness Business Pages continue to add new information every week to ensure you can find everything in Caithness.  Much is in but there is still more on its way.  Come and see it all for yourself.  Let us know if you need any assistance locating information about Caithness.

Caithness Family History Society
We are pleased to announce a new section on the web site for The Caithness Family History Society

Scrabster House
This building now is a great residence to a number of houses as it is divided into flats with a great view.

Navy Knickers  - Horror of Horrors?
Remembering school days in the reunion pages has brought out this memory of PE and running around in your underwear - It must have done you good?  What horrors from school does anyone else remember.  We will add them to a new page.  You do not need to be attending a reunion.

Its Snowing Again In Caithness
This picture is Bill's Back Garden

Similar Grass In Summer In Thurso
This picture is someone else's back garden last summer.  Is it yours?

Caithness & Sutherland Enterprise February Report
The February Report is now available in our business Pages News giving details of unemployment levels and grants made over the month.

Severe Disablement Allowance
Warning -this benefit is about to end by 31 March.  But if you have it you can keep it for the rest of your life.  If you know a severely disable person ask if they are claiming - Many never have and it could make a big difference to them.  Especially disabled women whose husbands are working - they think they do not qualify.  They are often mistaken.

Web Page Building For Kids Links
Put together for younger people but essentially anyone who wants to know more about building web pages can learn it here. 

Caithness & North Sutherland Children's Choir
If you would like to sing in a growing children's choir check out the contact information on this new page for the choir.

Another Thurso Summer Picture
After all that snow this winter another reminder that Caithness has its balmy hazy days in summer time.  It will soon be time to plant those tatties so check the length of the shoots before its too late.

Caithness.Org Chat Rooms
You now have a choice of chat rooms so if its too busy in one switch into another.

Maternity Review - Thurso Meeting
Thurso's people turned out in droves last night to attend the meeting called by the reference group.  Go to Eye On Maternity

Caithness.Org Chat
Lots of you have been asking for a Caithness Chat Room.  So here it is up and ready.  Let us know if there are any problems. 

Thurso High 74 Find More Names
Karen has been doing her detective bit and finding out about those people who joined the class later than in first year. 

Wick High School 49- 51 Reunion
Who is coming in from overseas.  Check out if you can meet old friends when they are here.

Latest Fundraising News For Charities
If you are looking for funds for the work of a charity you are involved in then why not check out our fundraising page with the latest news from Fundraising UK.

Dunbeath From The Air
This view from the Dounreay Exhibition Centre shows the river flowing past the village just before the harbour.

Aeriel Views of Caithness
In order to make finding these views easier to locate we have grouped them in one listing.  Any new ones will be added to the list as well as being found in the normal listing in the A to Z.  If you would like to add to the listing just get in touch.

Maternity Review - Wick Meeting
MUMS Pull The Crowds In Wick
The meeting in Wick High School was packed out on Monday night as the people in East Caithness reacted to the perceived threat to maternity services. More in Eye On Maternity Page

What's On Upgrade
Niall has been wrestling with Netscape problems in the What's On.  He thinks he has them licked now.  As a further addition the section will now show school holidays in Caithness and various bank holidays.

Wick Lifesaving Company 1875
This picture was given to us by Coastguard Station, Wick and permission given by Wick Heritage Centre for us to reproduce it as they own the copyright to it.

Banners on Caithness.Org Latest
One of the latest banners on Caithness.Org taking you to the new web site of JGB Photography created by our friends at Virtually Incorporated.   Many others will be joining them soon.  So take a look at some really great pictures and then check our fantastic banner advertising rates.

Marie Curie Cancer Care
Collection in Safeways Wick - Saturday 10 March
The annual daffodil campaign to raise funds was assisted by Bill and other volunteers at Safeways in Wick on Saturday when the  sum of £540.82 was raised.  Thanks to all of you who have contributed so far either in Wick, Thurso or elsewhere in Caithness. You can still contribute to this cause at many shops around Caithness by buying the small daffodils.

Do You Remember Teacher's Nicknames?
This short memory jogger from the Wick High School Reunion group might set some of you thinking about your own school days.  Send in any further contributions on your school day memories - as far back as you can remember for inclusion on

Caithness Sports Council
Sports groups can apply for local grants.  Check it out.

News Sources Growing On Caithness.Org
Over 250 News topics now available on Caithness.Org from continually updating feeds from Scotland, UK and round the world. Get links to more information on the topic in most sections now.

1953 Wick Scouts On Top Of Morven
This was one of a line of bonfire beacons lit the length of Britain - Lands End to John O'Groats.  Wick Scouts thought they would light theirs on top of a mountain.  Nothing these guys could not do.  Haul a ton of wood up a mountain - no problem.  Hamish Clark was in Wick from Canada brought in the picture.  See where Hamish lives now in "Where They Went"

49 - 51 Wick High Reunion
Another group from their primary days at Pulteneytown Academy in 1961.  Janis says tickets are going fast with over 106 sold at last count. So don't leave it too long to get yours.  This looks like being a very successful get together on 3rd August in Wick Gala Week.  With another reunion on 2nd August book your room early.  Wick's gonna be busy.

Thurso Web Pages Makeover Underway
We have commenced an upgrade of the Thurso pages to improve the look of the pages and include more pictures of Thurso and the surrounding area.  We start off with a new section entitled Thurso Summer to help you forget all the cold weather we have been having.  The whole of the Thurso pages will undergo changes in the next few weeks with additional pictures being added as we renew the pages.  Got a favourite view or historical picture you would like to see in the section.  Then get in touch. 

2001 Festival Preview Northlands Festival
So far confirmed the BBCSSO and The Brazz Brothers from Norway, also a major exhibition from Wick-born artist Ian Scott who works and exhibits mainly in New York these days.  The festival takes place each year in September.

The Sea Exhibition St Fergus Gallery
An exhibition of art work around the theme of 'The Sea', by the pupils of Primary 5, Primary 6 and Primary 7 of  Hillhead Primary School, Wick. The St Fergus Gallery, Wick, Above the Library, Sinclair Terrace, Wick.

New Shebster Page
New page for Shebster with more pictures showing some of the views from the top of the hill at the Cairn.  See Caithness for miles and a long horned cairn near to another on the northern summit of Ward Hill (Cnoc Freiceadan).

Trouble With "E Trinkie"
The problems with the Trinkie outdoor pool have been discussed again by Wick Community Council.  Donning campaign mode once again would like to get a selection of pictures of The Trinkie when in use and at busier times.  If you have pictures of the Trinkie please send us a copy for us to include in a new section to be built on the web site under Save The Trinkie.  Suggestions on how might assist the community council to raise money for the repairs are under consideration and donations have already been received from Bill's Old Computer Magazine give away. Picture of Trinkie Swimming Pool

Last Pics Of Pultneytown Reunion
Other pictures may be added to the reunion section but will not feature on the front page

Line Dancing at Latheron Village Hall
A small group of people met at Latheron Public Hall for the first time on Tuesday last to start up a Line Dancing Group. We need more. Please come and join us from 8 - 9p.m. each Tuesday, Adults £1.50, children &pouund;1.00 (please note children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult)

St Peter And The Holy Rood
The Episcopal church in Thurso has sent in new information and updates for its page.  If any other churches would like to add information to the pages we have then please send it to us.  We will then take the opportunity to upgrade the page and make improvements at the same time.

Alison Mackay Next in the Kids Photo Features
Hillhead school pupils had another day off last week.

Information On Old Reay Cemetery

Reunion Guidelines
Wonder how the people are organising all these reunions.  Well Janis Paterson currently organising the Wick High School Reunion has kindly written it all down for Caithness.Org to pass on to any potential reunions needing a few tips.  Also on offer a free copy of her database to keep your records in easy to use form.   Thanks Janis.

Keep Your Bike Safe - Get An Anchor
Is this the real reason for low bike theft rates in Wick?

Lots of New Courses Free At Caithness.Org

International Women's Day 8 March
A few links in Women On the Web that men should have a look at as well to see the problems facing women in many countries.

Child Protection Training
The course is to be repeated due to heavy demand.  It is open to anyone who represents a youth organisation.  contact Wendy Mackay  - Tel 01847 831714 for further details.  It is now a requirement for groups receiving council funding or hiring premises that they have a child protection policy.  Click Here for a copy of the guidelines.

Alan McGee and Scott Gunn
Making the most of the snow today and starring in Kids Photo Features.

Its that Girl Again
Pulteneytown Academy carried on with the reunion by hitting the Silver Darlings restaurant for lunch today proving a few years at school in Wick gives you stamina for a party however long it lasts......

Wick River Frozen - In Places
Near the Island Boys were able to walk over the frozen river following a week of very low temperatures in the Highlands and more snow than Caithness has seen for many years.

Alison in from Italy to see old friends in Caithness
Alison Says "Ciao Roby".  Another globe trotter made the trip to see the old gang - has been living in Italy for 15 years.  Big Night Index Page - Lots of Pictures

Katrina Waves Back Home To Australia
Currently Living in Australia - Sends "See you soon Tony, Andrew and Niamh". Katrina met up with all her old friends at the Pulteney School Reunion last night.
Big Night Index

German Lessons
Starting on Thursday 22 March in Latheron Public Hall? There are 2 groups for ages 6 - 11 and 12 years upwards.  Contact Rosie O' Hara for more details  -Tel 01593 741728.

The Big Night Begins
"Hi Australia - See you in a couple of weeks"
A couple of rush pictures from the Pulteney Reunion.  Mandy about to make a speech. Mandy organised everything From back home using to help her get everyone together.

Pulteney Reunion
No more updates.  The first reunion we have been featuring is Tonight.  Hope you all have an enjoyable evening and maybe we will get a few pictures of the evening.

Family History
If you are following the Family history section.  New updates today in the Millers and Lyalls.

More Free Courses From Fathom
You can find more Free courses in March at Fathom.  This month a variety of new Journalism courses have been added to the resources. The choice is huge and growing every month.  For example amongst the additions are - MUSIC FROM THE RENAISSANCE AND BAROQUE - Renaissance Precursors to Baroque Music
THEATER DESIGN - Joseph Urban: Architect of Dreams
there are a huge range of paid for courses that bring greater depth but you may just want to dip in and out.  Its worth registering for access to the 60,000 plus free articles on offer.

Slides of Bygone Thurso
Friday 16th March 2001, Time - 7.30pm  By - Alan McIvor.  Venue - The Royal British Legion  Admission - £2.00  On behalf of the Thurso Heritage Society, to which all money raised will also go to Museum, a Raffle will also be held.

Wick Stretching To Broadhaven & North Head
Take a walk round Broadhaven and North Head and see how new houses are taking advantage of the great views of Wick Bay.

Tino  - Well Known In Thurso
A picture sent in by Scott of his dog enjoying the seasonal weather.

You Have Broken The Records Again
Hits 755,708  Pages 169675  Visits 30119  in February which is 3 days less than January.  At current surfing rates Caithness.Org will have over two million pages seen in the next 12 months.  If you keep returning in ever greater numbers we have no idea what the totals will be.  Thanks to you all and for the many contributions and suggestions you are sending in.  We include as many as we can get to.  Our email is overflowing.  We try to reply to everyone.


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