News Archive - April 2001

Walled Garden At Dunbeath Castle
Another view of Dunbeath Castle showing part of the walled garden. Garden only open to public on 19 August 2.00pm for one day.

Braemore Cemetery
Still a long way to go but here is another picture in our listing of Caithness Cemeteries

New Headlines Section - Archiving Weekly
Once we archived months on a page, then two, then one and now with so much new information flowing in it will become weekly.

Ackergill Tower According To Elf

Caithness.Org Lands On Planet Elf
Ray Elf, cartoonist, artist and painter has landed on from Planet Elf and will be giving us the benefit of insights from another world over the coming months.

Lower Pulteneytown Residents Workshop
Consultants To report at meeting on Thursday 3 May.

Well Done To Wick Rovers
A 4- 2 win for Wick Rovers against Golspie in the Highland Amateur Cup.

Wick Players 1 Rest of Scotland 0
Yes, our local boys will be carting home the silverware from Falkirk.

Thurso Parish History Group - New Resource
The group formed only last October are now building a new resource and database.

First Fish Caught On Wick River
Well done to James Ross.

Doing Business In Caithness
Sutherland Brothers Successful Trade Show
The annual trade show for the retailers, caterers and hoteliers of the north had another successful day in Wick.

SmallMart - The Future of Retailing in Rural Areas?
Ordering by paper could be a thing of the past and a whole host of new electronic services was on show in Wick at the Trade show organised by Sutherland Brothers.  The service is only available as a local community trial at present.

Quilting Demonstration Wick WRI
The new Quilter's group is off to flying start and giving demonstrations already.  This one was in Assembly Rooms, Wick

Track Braemore To Morven

Entrance To Ackergill Tower
New pictures of the Tower which can be seen from the coast and beaches.  It is not open to the public although you can arrange to stay here.

Knockinnon Castle
Only foundations to see of the castle but spectacular views show why this castle could have been strategic if it had been completed

Nicolson Street, Wick -in the 60's
Does anyone now who the little boy coming out of the door is?

Wick River Opens
Wick River opens Saturday 28th for members of the Wick Angling Association.

New Focus For Caithness Tourist Attraction

Berriedale Water To Maiden Pap, Braemore
Changing skies in April.

Dalnawillan Lodge
Another of the large Country Houses in Caithness.

1949 Staff Miller Academy
How many of you remember your schooldays with these teachers?

Neil Gunn
"Kenn and the Salmon"
A new section for Neil Gunn one of the great writers of Caithness.  Just a couple of pictures for now.  They are in the Dunbeath section.  The memorial commemorating his life is beside Dunbeath Harbour.

Bower School 1912
Another early school picture and amazingly Derek who sent it in thinks he can get some of the names to go with it.

Forss Castle
Situated on the east coast of Caithness 2 miles south of Lybster and commanding fine views of the coastline, Forse Castle is about 800 years old.

Dunbeath Castle
Sitting beside the cliffs Dunbeath castle looks up and down the coast with views across the Moray Firth to beat them all.  This castle is still a family home and not open to the public but can be seen in all its splendour from Dunbeath harbour and other coastal vantage points.

Caithness.Org Features In The Herald Newspaper
In an article on Reunions - "Time To Turn The Clock Back" Sara Villiers writes in The Herald today in the Features section on LIVING.  Janis Paterson (nee McGee) organising the 49-51 Wick High School Reunion from Cumbria was contacted for her views.  If you are thinking about having a Reunion you can get your information on Caithness.Org just by contacting us.

More Fishing For Anglers Open
Many more lochs have now opened again it was announced today and things are getting back to normal for those. More decisions are likely to be taken on others in the next few days.  Updates will be posted on the page

Nuclear Industry Links & Updating News Page
Another in our fast increasing updating news pages with links on the topic.  More topics are being added regularly.  See the full list of News Topics with links to see if your area of interest is yet covered.  Send us a topic and we will see what we can do to get it covered for you.

Scottish Parliament Live
See what's on live at the Scottish Parliament Wednesday and Thursday this week in the links section.

Who Was In The Keiss Panto Donkey Suit?
It has come to light that David Martin and Kenneth Manson were in the Donkey suit.  It is not yet certain who was the back end!  1979 and some folks still remember it.

Miller - Castletown Section 1946
A group sent to Miller Academy as the Castletown school was requisitioned during the war.

Teachers Who Made an Impression On Me Part One
School Days Tales From Janis Paterson (nee McGee)

Loch More In The Heart Of Caithness
Wild and windswept it may be but for centuries the centre of Caithness could provide shelter and food for the taking as well as a dramatic landscape as these pictures from Robert Richmond show.  Taken near the castle site believed to have belonged to Sir Reginald de Cheyne.

Angling Information On Open Waters In Caithness
Current information on rivers and lochs reopening for anglers will be added to this new page to keep you informed.

Calling P6 1951 West Public Annex
Does Anyone have names for the picture?

1953 - 54 Class 5 Miller Academy

Free Online Courses
See the latest courses entered that cost you nothing online - Interactive Health Tutorials on a range of conditions and problems let you understand a diagnosis or procedure. - Find Travel Bargains Online - Succeed In Writing - Alternative Health For Beginners.  And why not click through to find out What's New at Fathom where you can access over 60,000 short lectures and articles.

St Peters & St Andrews Church, Thurso
One of several old churches in Thurso.  This one has a prominent position overlooking Sir John's Square and was built to replace old St Peter's now a ruin.  This view is the rear of the building.

Earth Day Links for Kids
Did you know it was Earth Day today.  Well it is in USA but then maybe it should be all over the planet.  This collection of web sites is aimed at kids and pretty cool they are some of them.  Adults will enjoy many of them too and there are extensive links to other web sites in one or two.  If you are looking for Games there are plenty in Ecology For Kids. For bigger folk wanting to look at the issues in depth try our new Waste Management Links or the Environmental Links.  Many of the sections are listed in Nature and Environment together with articles on Caithness Natural History.

Caithness.Org Highlighted in Dissertation
Laura Thomson studying for her degree of - BA Hons Sociology and Social Policy University of Stirling has used Caithness.Org to highlight many points in her work with the title - Can the creation of Community Networks enhance social capital in rural Scotland? For those interested the whole work is reproduced with contact details for Laura if anyone needs further information.  Laura has substantial amounts of data that she could not include in the final draft.

New Singles Club First Meeting
Inaugural meeting at Mackays Hotel, Wick on Friday 11th May at 7.30 p.m.

Barrock Street, Thurso
Barrock Street shows some of the traditional terrace houses of Thurso

Campbell Street, Thurso
Another terraced street in the older part of Thurso.

More Pictures Of Thurso
As promised we are beginning to add more pictures of Thurso to the pages.  More streets and buildings will appear over the coming weeks.  Her are another two - Rose Street  and East Church Street

Introducing Barney - Trouble for George
George the Caithness.Org cat has great fun helping with this web site but into every life a little cloud appears - Barney - Clint Eastwood Of The Feline World.  Independent, Ferocious, Cute - He moved house from one owner to another across town - goes where he likes and lets the whole place know he's in charge.  Spits other cats out before breakfast, climbs over the roof tops in easy bounds and shouts at you from every vantage point - "Do You Feel Lucky". Miaow...

Genealogy and Cloning
The latest news topics updating 24 hours a day on Caithness.Org.  A to Z list of topics.

Canisbay School 1937

Names In School Days Pictures
Names are now in for 1933 Canisbay and 1926 John O'Groats.

Next 16 Pictures Of Wick Heritage Centre
Yes - a lighthouse lives within the centre.  Reaching through two floors the members dismantled the top of Noss Head Light in 1981. Taking it apart, transporting it and carefully reassembling it inside the Heritage Centre it is an awesome piece of lighting close up.  You can examine its clockwork mechanism at the base.  Many more pictures on the way with notes to follow.

Wick Harbour In April
All calm this day on the coast.

John Dallas & Staff 1958 West Public School, Thurso
Another in the fast growing School Days collection of pictures.

Voluntary Groups Looking For £500
UN International Year of Volunteers has given rise to this offer to all voluntary groups.  Unfortunately the notice has just arrived and you will have to be quick to make the first deadline of 30 April.  But a second deadline of 30 September could be easier to make.  Check it out for a small grant to help your work.

Wick Heritage Centre
Starting today the Wick Heritage Centre section will have many new pages added.  This amazing museum tucked away in Bank Row is a treasure in the north. Not only is it far bigger than it looks it contains many thousands of items, rooms full of belongings donated by local people, boats, tools , engines, nearly 80,000 photographs, art work, a full sized lighthouse top fully rebuilt bit by bit and much more.  You can follow the pictures as we add them over the next couple of weeks and sort them out with information.  You will be amazed what the Centre has to show.  We can bring you lots of pictures but you will need to see it to believe the extent of it. The new pages are under way.  Come with us over the next few weeks to see some of the Wick Heritage Centre from the inside.  16 new pictures now in.  Thurso Heritage pages will also be having new pages shortly to show you much more of what they have done also.

Calling All Bed & Breakfast & Hotel Operators
Whether you take our paid for banner advertising at incredibly low prices or not you should at least get your FREE entry in the Caithness Business Pages.  Whether you are just starting out in business or are well established you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to be found on the Internet.  So complete the form online and your business is guaranteed the Free entry in the Business Pages.  Takes two minutes to be seen 24 hours a day all year round on and the Caithness Business Pages.  49,971 pages were viewed in the last 7 days alone.

North Sea Pipe Fabrication In Caithness
If you thought Caithness was all Farming, Fishing, Brochs, Castles, Pipe Bands, lots of Community Spirit and things going on you would only be half right. Caithness also has a diverse set of industries from Nuclear, Tape and soon CD production, Hi Tech industries in battery manufacture, underwater cameras and as these pictures show pipe fabrication for the North Sea Oil industry.  Over coming weeks we will highlight a few of them.

More Propertied Now Available to Rent
More Thurso properties now available in the  Property section.  If you are thinking about letting property contact us to get your property seen in the Caithness Business Pages linked to

Caithness School Days Tales
The School Days photograph are stirring the memories and we have set up a new section to include any you send to us following receiving a short piece on on memories of John Dallas days in Thurso.

Kids Links
Still Growing and more additions in Free Etext books Online.

Sub Post Offices - Are They At an End?
Post Offices are disappearing fast in Caithness.  If you look you will see that the death knell is being sounded for more and more of them. This one at Dunbeath is a typical example.  Still providing the service it always has.  But for how much longer.

1983 Miller Academy Netball Team
Any more school sports teams out there to add to the growing picture gallery in School Days?

1938 - 39 Miller Academy Football Team

Miller Academy Hockey Team 1956
Another picture in the rapidly growing School Days section.

1955-56 Miller Academy Senior Football Team
Pictures Flowing in to us now for School Days. Keep digging in those old boxes.  More tomorrow.

Caithness Field Club Summer Outings
The Field Club has brought out its summer programme and visitors are welcome to come along to the most of the outings.  In the face of the Foot and Mouth possible disruption to the programme the Field Club have organised a series of alternative outings. Nothing daunted in Caithness if the outbreak is declared over the club will run both series of outings.  Even more nice walks than ever before to find out about Caithness Archaeology, Plants, Geology, History and places around the county.  If visiting the county check this programme out - its packed full of variety and well versed people lead and attend.

Traditional Entertainment At North Coffee Mornings
You get more than coffee at some coffee mornings in Caithness.  If visiting check them out and you may find one like this one yesterday for a very small charge you get pipes and drums, Scottish singers, Highland dancing, Ballad singers and more as well as cakes and tea.

Miller Family History - Additions
In response to many requests new information has been entered on - The Miller Family Picture of 1892

Painted Eggs Competition Pictures
Lots of imaginative eggs this year.  Well done kids.

Lunch At The New Portland Arms, Lybster
The newly refurbished bars and restaurants of the Portland Arms Hotel, Lybster putting Caithness another notch up the league table for standards in quality for food, drink and accommodation.  These folks were certainly enjoying lunch today.

10k Run & 3K Fun Run Sunday 2.00pm
Nothing like a run at Easter and the Wick Triathalon Club had 10 kilometres to keep them busy today.  For the fun run folk it was only 3 kilometres. 

More Music In Market Square Yesterday
Lots of Favourites played on Saturday by TBA

Easter Lunch At Old Parish Church
The Active Ladies Group at The Old Parish Church, Wick proved they still know how to make good old fashioned pots of soup.  With half a dozen different types of soup to choose from.  It had to be the best deal in town yesterday.

Easter Chicks In Wick
Wick Town Events Group represented by the Easter Chicks were in good form on Saturday. Were you practicing for Gala Week girls?.

Bonnets And Decorated Eggs In Wick
The wind was blustery but the kids still managed to enter the competitions and the crowds had the pipe band and that young group TBA to listen to in the Market Square on Saturday.

Wick Pipe Band Gets Going For Easter
Busy day for the pie band at  a session in the hall in the morning and this outing in the afternoon.  See all their dates in the What's On

Miller Family - A Mystery To Solve
More pictures from Canada in the growing section on the Miller family that left Caithness over 100 years ago.  But this branch of the Millers is unidentified in Maureen Materi's records.  Does anyone have any information to assist.  A few details are on the page.  More Pictures added in a new Page Five  of the album.

Bower School 1936
Thanks to Derek Douglas for this picture in School Days.

Biggest Reunion Yet In The Making In Thurso
With over 180 people already indicating yes fore the Thurso Class 74 reunion its going to be a big night. With 15 months to go to August 2001 numbers could easily pass three hundred once everyone is traced and partners get tickets. Don't leave it too late to let the organisers know. This is another one heading for a sell out.

Eye On Swimming Pool Fiasco Dragged Out
Is it just inefficiency or is it that officials and councillors of Highland Council just cannot get their act together.  The swimming pool group cannot seem to get a straight answer to the problem from anyone.  Pens ready everyone?  Take a look at some of the correspondence now being published and make your mind up.  Is it about safety or about applying nitpicking rules to ensure no one can be blamed for anything that ever goes wrong.

Caithness & Sutherland Enterprise March Report In Full in the Business Pages

Thurso Daffodils Are Coming Out
The daffodils were certainly out in the town today by the tens of thousand.  This bunch at the entrance to the town are just about to go into full bloom.  The ones in town are a bit further on.

East End Boys Football Club
Many teams in the picture galleries now have names thanks to the memory of few folk and in particularly Andy Grant who has been emailing them in over the last few days.  Thanks Andy.  Also to kwas and Dianne Laing now in Cardiff.

New Miller Academy School Pictures
More names, new pictures and teachers names for 1960 picture put in yesterday.

Two Class Photos From 1898 Miller Academy
More pictures from Miller Academy archives.  A couple of class pictures let you see the dress and no on thought to say "SMILE" in those days.  It was probably serious stuff getting your picture taken.

Waterlines - Lybster's New Heritage Museum
Opening 4 May 2001 but you can get an early view here of the new centre with CCTV on the cliff birds.  New facilities for visiting yachts with shower and laundry facilities. A coffee shop to relax after a stroll around the harbour. Lots of information on the unique history.  A traditional boat under construction.  Lots more......

Highland Cycling Campaign Web Site
For all you serious cyclists a web site with ideas and information as well as links to other cycling sources.  If you are back looking you will find it in our Cycling Links that also include updating cycling news links.

Teachers Miller Academy 1960
Is your old teacher in this group from 40 years ago.

Ten Classes From Miller Academy 1960 Now In
This picture and nine others from 1960 Miller Academy take the collection of School Days pictures to 50 in three weeks.  Wow at this rate we will have a complete record of the schools in Caithness in double quick time.  Keep them coming. We will try to publish them as fast as we can.  Names at a later date for many of them.

Get Your Event in What's On - Its FREE
No matter what type of event you are organising in Caithness you should get it in the What's On section as soon as the details are finalised.  If you are putting posters in shop windows and notice boards remember to complete our submission form or send us a copy of your information.  Remember to send us the latest details to update your organisations page.

Businesses Look At Waste Management
Thursday 19 April
A half day seminar on tackling this expensive problem in Caithness & Sutherland.  Find Out about a waste minimisation strategy, getting started and practical tools.

Caithness Business Pages Traffic Leap
The new Property Section in the Caithness Business Pages has become an instant hit and doubled the traffic in less than two days.  The page views are already four times what they were at the beginning of April.  2372 pages were looked at in the Business Pages yesterday alone with the new property section leading the way.  April is already well on the way to completely smashing earlier records on the business web site.  At £15 an entry to last until the property is sold its the best bargain around in property sales.

Wick's Easter Eggstravaganza
Saturday 14th 2.00pm in Market Square, Wick could see some fun for children and adults. Painting Easter egg competition, Easter bonnet competition, music, stalls and lots more.  Music from the Pipe Band and TBA a local band becoming regulars in the Market Square. 

"Dirty Weeker" T shirts
Thanks to Wick Heritage Museum a new T shirt is going to be see around the county. With the slogan "I'm A Dirty Weeker" the locals will certainly stand out..  The latest idea from the Wick Heritage Centre will be on sale at Mini's children's shop next to the museum although they will have adult sizes. The phrase apparently is a corruption of "Dirdie" meaning busy and became a local term for a real local from Wick many years ago following the Herring Boom. Other T shirts may follow if this one is successful.

Miller Academy Staff 1898
School Days will not get back much earlier than this picture from Miller Academy.

Fishing On The Thurso River Is Open
Even if fishing is not your sport or pastime who could resist spending a while looking at the Westerdale Mill on the Thurso River.  A variety of beats are available. Pictures taken 10 April 2001.

Property To Rent Section Launched
Hot on the heals of the Property For Sale Pages comes the Property to Let section.  For an amazingly low cost properties can be seen 24 hours a day until let.  Seen where anyone has access to the Internet.  Coming Soon Holiday Rentals for cottages, houses, caravans and other let property. 

Caithness & Sutherland Enterprise News
Halkirk Riding Club - Caithness Riding Club are to receive up to £7,500 towards the construction of a cross-country riding course at Halkirk.  Tourism - The Highland Council are to be assisted with the cost of interpretation works at both Keiss Harbour and the Yarrows Archaeological Trail.  Community Planning - Thurso CCTV Company have been awarded £26,500 to assist with the costs of installing a Closed Circuit TV system in Thurso.  The Full report for March for Caithness & Sutherland will appear in Caithness Business News in the Caithness Business Pages later.

Two More in Pub Guide
As The Pub Guide Develops we will be adding current and up to date pictures as we take them in each of the pub sections.  So if your place has a special event on let us know.  It can go in the What's On section by completing the form and we may come and take pictures of the event for the Pub Guide.

Caithness Hotel Pictures is building a collection of hotel pictures but it will take time.  If you would like a picture added to the section sooner email one to  This section is FREE.  You can also get low cost banner ads to link to your web site or check us out for very low cost high profile web sites will launch very soon with all marketing and cross promotion from and the Caithness Business Pages. Help us promote Caithness.

1980 History Relived In School Days
What an active lot Keisser school kids were.  After last weeks whole school pantomime picture here we have them all just about to set off on a trip to York.  Now we know why there are so many Caithness people all over the world.  They were taught to travel at school.  We still await the names of the people in the donkey suit in last weeks 1979 Keiss School Pantomime picture.

Clan Gunn Museum New Pages
Did you know that 77 septs are connected to Clan Gunn.  You can check it out and meet Gunn country head on at the top of the hill in Latheron in Caithness.  Check out the new pages on Clan Gunn Heritage.  A major upgrade of museum pages is underway.  More pictures and information coming soon.

Ebenezer's Bar
Live music gets going again in Ebenezer's Bar on Saturday 14th April.  Some excellent groups appeared last year playing a variety of music styles.  Lets hope they are as good for this coming summer. Playing live on Saturday Evening - "After Hours and Friends" playing rock, folk and country.

New Property Pages Open
You can now view Properties For Sale in Caithness with full particulars and photographs. Coming very soon will be Properties to Rent and Holiday Homes.

International Financial News Updating
The list of Updating News Topics continues to grow and can also be found in our A to Z Links Section.

Newton Hill Forest Walks Open
The community woodland at Newton Hill, Wick has now reopened and activities are once again in full swing from today.

Pulteneytown Academy 1961
This badly damaged picture has had the treatment to restore it.  Hope you can all recognise everyone.  It was sent in as part of the 49 - 51 Wick High Reunion.  Only one name missing.  Do you know who it is?

Pulteneytown Class 1986
A group of three pictures of the same class born 1976/77 with pictures 1982,1986,1988.

Springtime At Last In Wick
The weather is finally looking good and the daffodils have survived the gales to begin flowering all over the county.  Wick has masses of them as a few years ago various groups funded the planting of them by the tens of thousands.

"Sunday, Monday Springtime - It's All One to Me, Relax"
George usually has a snooze after every meal especially if it's sunny and finds the spot and moves round with it as the sun progresses.

Libby Cook Birthday Lunch With Colleagues
Libby Cook (Centre) co-ordinater for Homestart out for a bar lunch in Ebenezer's to celebrate her 50th birthday with colleagues from Community Education.

Lybster Harbour From Air A Few Years Ago
Another aerial view added to the collection of Caithness From The Air.

Latest Entries In Where Caithness Folk Went
If you ever lived in Caithness no matter how short it was let us know and everyone else see the area you went to or now live in by sending in a web site near you.  We already know that Caithness folk and their descendants are everywhere and it looks like we are going to span the globe in this section.  Take a look its growing into one of the most interesting pages on the web site.

Caithness Quilters
Around 30 people have now formed this new group to get involved in patchwork and quilting.  The group are currently looking at places to meet alternately in Wick and Thurso.

Whalebone Arch Near Latheronwheel

Wick Scout Pipe Band A Few Years Ago
The Scout Reunion Group are digging out the old albums as the latest batch of pictures stretches to 1910.

Commercial Hotel, Lybster

Diary Date For Lybster Gala

Keiss Panto 1979
Secret of The Donkey Suit May Be Uncovered Soon
Slight conflict around a few names but we are on the trail of the people in the donkey suit in 1979.  A programme from the school panto may about to surface and rumour has it that although the other participants names were kept secret the people in the suit have been named.  If the programme does surface all will be revealed!!!!  To assist with recognition of the players we have enlarged the picture - bigger version and bigger yet version.  Controversy rages on the missing names.  Can you shed any light?

East End -  Names for Pictures coming in

Where Caithness Folk Went - Latest Entry
If you were ever in Caithness let us know where you went and a web site near you that shows the area you now live in so we can take a look.

Paper Airplanes
This latest addition toKids Links was inspired by a visit to collect some scout pictures from Mr Mackenzie.  The boys were trying out their skills and I had to have a go at my party piece plane.  All you guys have got one.  But check this lot out and learn a new one for your kids sake or tell them where to find them and they will have them built in no time.

Foot/Hoof & Mouth
Like many web sites Caithness.Org is receiving enquiries regarding the problems associated with the current problems which affect all rural areas. The Highlands does not have the disease in the area but the measures are designed to try to keep it that way.  To assist with search for information we have collected some useful links and the latest advice and contact numbers on a page in the links section.  The tourist boards and many government agencies have advice on their web sites also.  Many places in the countryside remain unaffected  by what has happened and for example many beaches and walks have never been closed.  Others are being reviewed daily to see if they can be reopened.  Remember their is no danger to the public- the danger is to the animals.

East End And School Days Pictures
Within days of the pictures going up we are already having information sent in to identify a few of the people in the pictures.  Just email your details even if its just yourself you can identify positively.

Keiss Pantomime - Whole School 1979
Must be the most colourful picture on the whole web site so far.  The whole school in about 1979 performing in the pantomime.  How many of you remember it?  where are you in the picture? Thanks to Allan Lannon for sending it in. Part of the fast expanding School Days

Pre War Wick Scout Dance
A dance at Harrowhill hall before the war.  Many names have been uncovered but if you know any others get in touch. More pictures now coming in as part of the Scout Reunion.

Congratulations To Wick Players
They have won in the short plays competition in the heat in Golspie for the Highland section for the 6th year running.  This is getting to be a habit guys. Well done.

Dunnet Forest Now Reopened For Walking
The footpaths in the forest are now open again following the decision that it was not necessary to keep them closed.  This forest originally planted as a trial has become a valuable place over the years and may become a community forest.  Its closeness to the beach means there is a variety of habitat for plants and animals in the area.  With a caravan site nearby it is an ideal spot for a day or week. Dunnet Bay Pages

East End boys Football Club
Further sets of early teams from East End have now been entered in two new galleries - Gallery Two and Gallery Three. Still more team pictures waiting to be processed.  If you know the names of any of them send us an email.  We hope to  identify a few over the next few weeks.

Grey Coast looking for writers
Thurso-based Grey Coast Theatre is once again looking for new playwrights.  Submissions of short scripts are invited by 1 June 2001; this could lead to great things!  Check out the details by clicking the headline.

Pictures Of Accommodation on Caithness.Org
We have a number of pictures of places to stay scattered through the web site.  Requests have indicated the need to group them in some way and we have now created a linking index page.  We will be adding to the listing in no particular order.  It is only a picture guide and will not contain prices.  Links to the Caithness business Pages will lead you to the hotel or guest house web site or contact information.  A new button has been entered in the right column. - Do It in Caithness in 2001.

School Days
The new section is already expanding rapidly and in order to help everyone find other pictures on the site links are now going in to the page to other school pictures to make them easier to find.  Also listed are some of the sections where other photo Galleries or pictures of people can be found.  In addition Mr Lannon has offered to send more pictures from the Miller Academy collection as he is building a record on CD-Rom of  pictures back to 1898.  This will take quite some time and pictures will be published on the pages as he and we get time to process them on to the pages.  If any other schools or individual have pictures they would like to share then get in touch.

More East End Pictures Now In
We have lots of pictures to come but we may not have them all.  In a few weeks once we have them all on, check them out and send us any you have that are not included.  We may get names for some of them from current members and these will be added over the coming weeks.

East End Picture Gallery Now Set Up
A new gallery for the highly successful boys football club in Wick has now been set up and pictures from years gone by are now being processed ready for inclusion over the next few weeks. Some new ones are in today and more will follow over the next few days.  Any other clubs who would like a gallery set up please get in touch.

Cat Runs Web Site
"We know you all thought two guys with beards and pony tails ran the site well now you know.  I'm the real boss around here.  Seen that Mouse?"

Wow All Records Smashed for 18th time.
Hits 1,127,273 Pages 245,540 Visits 45,116.  These are the combine total for the two web sites Caithness.Org and Caithness Business Pages.  Even Caithness.Org on its own broke the records.  The Business Pages took them even higher.  The web sites now have an average visit rate of one a minute 24 hours a day - everyday of the week.  Message Boards & Chat became very popular in the last month.  The new Jobs Section is likely to attract more visits in the coming month and the new Property Section will be added shortly.  Thanks for all your visits and messages.


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