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Wick Scouts - Reunion 2 August 2001
Coronation Bonfire 1953 On top of Morven -the only mountain in Caithness
Coronation Bonfire -This was part of a line of bonfire beacons to be lit from
Lands End to John O'Groats in 1953 for the coronation.  The boys had to haul all the material up the mountain
 over two weekends.  The tractor that helped to take material in part way got stuck in a bog and had to be dismantled
 to get it out again.  They stayed in Borgue Bothy usually used by Gamekeepers and ghillies.  Ian Mackenzie recalls that
the whole building was lined with deer skins from many shooting trips over the years on the local estate.
Apparently when the fire was to be lit using paraffin the clouds cam in and obscured the fire.
 Ian and Hamish could not remember how many times they clambered up and down the mountain
 to get it all up but they were certainly fit

Second left is J Yuill - Hamish Clark who brought the photo in from Canada is11th from the left
David Bremner far right - Donald Campbell second right
Hugh Muir sitting far right.
If anyone else remembers the rest let us know.