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Elections May 2007
Highland Council - Willie Mackay - Independent

Willie Mackay MBE
Standing as an Independent Candidate for Caithness Landward on 3rdMay 2007

Known throughout the Landward area for the past 37 years as "A I Willie" for his availability to provide a 364 day per year service when required to A I Cattle Breeding.

Willie has built up a great bond with the rural area of Caithness, not only in farming communities but also within the town ships and villages having taken part in countless functions and money-raising efforts for various charities.

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AI Willie
3rd May 2007

Willie Mackay (AI) MBE is currently the chairperson of the voluntary run Caithness Branch of ENABLE for learning disabled, a charity in which he and his wife Glynis have been involved for the past fourteen years.

With your vote to become an independent councillor Willie will be involved in making decisions on what is best for you, the people within our communities.

He would be involved with concerns which you may have including -

Agriculture - Social Work Services - Education
Planning - Roads, Housing - Transport

With the confidence you have in him, and the ability to take your important issue forward, Willie will make sure your voice is heard and you are treated fairly.

Help Willie Mackay (AI) achieve this with your support on 3rd May 2007

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Mackay AI Willie

Tel 01955 621337