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Elections May 2007
Highland Council - Graeme Smith - Liberal Democrat

Local Issues Come First
Pot holes are often more important than policy
Policy making might seem important to the "talking heads" in Council headquarters but the first responsibility of the new ward councillors must be to the ward.  Over the past eight years I have fought for series of issues affecting Wick. I chair the lower Pulteneytown Heritage Initiative.  I am an appointee to the new Harbour Board.  I am proud to be the chairman of Caithness Heat & Power.  for several years I chaired the Wick Project which kept interested parties up to date with each others regeneration plans for Wick.  I am an independent directors of the Caithness Partnership and a member of the Caithness Transport forum.  I also chair Wick Footpaths Group.  I have chaired the area planning committee since 1999. In that time we have seen real changes to Wick and huge opportunities have been opened up.  Do you recall what you thought the future might hold for Wick back in 1999?

"Wick Warks Weil"
The Highland Council may disapprove but I am now serving my fourth term on the Wick Community Council.  I sought election to both Councils because I believe that it is essential to keep a connection with community thinking and to remain accountable to the electorate throughout a term in office, not just in the weeks before an election.


I Will

Press council for major upgrades to school premises and equipment in Wick

Campaign for better facilities and services for the elderly in Wick

Focus on reducing vandalism & litter

Keep promoting Wick as a good and safe place to live and work

Encourage use of sustainable & renewable energy

Continue to foster local business growth

Improve footpaths, amenity space and recreational facilities in Wick

Work for the common good in Wick