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Elections May 2007
Highland Council - Duncan Winfield - Independent

Duncan Winfield is 47 years old and he lives and works in Lybster, where he is the sub-postmaster and my wife Gail is the newsagent. they have two teenage boys.

Duncan said," Before taking the post office in Lybster I worked for 20 years as an account executive in the insurance industry, dealing with multi-national companies both in the U.K. and overseas. My experience as a sub-postmaster for the past 7 years has shown me that Caithness is a far-flung but very close-knit community, and that this should be seen as an asset, not a detraction. Many if the people I speak to are fed up with the "big government" style of administration which doesn't appear to take any heed of local sensibilities. Especially if the locals in question are situated 100 miles or so from the seat of government. I also believe that most Caithnessians are heartily sick of the adversarial nature of "party politics" which is prevalent in both Inverness and Holyrood."

"I am standing as as an Independent candidate in order to represent the interests of all the electors in the Landward Caithness ward. As an Independent. I have no political axe to grind, and will therefore be in a position to "tell the emperor that he has no clothes on" without fear of intimidation or recrimination. I am aware that the effectiveness of a politician's tenure is usually in inverse proportion to the magnitude of his pre-election promises. I will make no promises. However, if elected, I will endeavour to represent and pursue the best interests of the people of Caithness."

Duncan Winfield - Independent

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and opinions will differ. Here are some of mine -

Tourism - We need a properly organized and managed marketing strategy to promote Caithness as a whole, and not the "bits and pieces" approach which is currently prevalent. We need to encourage more visitors to stay in the county for longer, and not just pass through on their way to Orkney.

Jobs - We must become more aggressive in our drive to attract investment and businesses to Caithness whish will provide long term sustainable employment so that the youth of the county can be encouraged to feel that there is a future for them in staying here.

Communications - Lets get more use out of Wick Airport. Why can't we attract a low-cost carrier to provide a weekly service to London or Dublin or Amsterdam for example?

I ask voters to elect me as their independent voice in local government.