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Highland Council - Caithness

Revealing the Vision of Caithness
An Arts Development Study of Caithness
Report by Ian Brown and Roger Tomlinson March 2004
Lower Balghoulan, Cuilc Brae, Pitlochry, PH16 5QS
tel: 01796 473105; fax: 01796 473841

Note - the paper version of the report is 91 pages.  Several sections will be found on single web pages.


Summary and recommendations

Potential objectives of a Caithness arts development strategy
Specific recommendations

Introduction and methodology

Where we are now
3.1 The Arts in Caithness
3.2 The Digital Age
3.3 U.K. research and its economic implications for Caithness
3.4 The nature of Caithness, its population and catchment areas
3.5 The Inverness Effect

Current Attitudes to the Arts in Caithness
4.1 Market Potential
4.2 The Needs of the Community
4.3 Interviews and Focus Groups
4.4 Identification of barriers to access and participation

5 Vision
5.1 Need for a shared vision
5.2 Quality of existing provision
5.3 Recommended vision
5.4 Case Studies
5.4.1 Assipattle
5.4.2 New Drama initiatives with young people
5.4.3 Wick Traditional Music Workshops
5.4.4 A Light in the North
5.4.5 Case Study Conclusions

6 Developing the vision
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Steps to fulfilling the vision
6.2.1 Co-ordinated multi-agency co-operation
6.2.2 Pulteneytown
i) Wick Heritage Centre
ii) The Lower Pulteneytown Project
iii) Pulteneytown Peoples Project
North Highland College
and the Barrogill Hall development
v) Wick Assembly Rooms
vi) Wick Players Club Rooms
vii) A new vocational education centre
6.2.3 The 'venue question'
6.2.4 Thurso provision
6.2.5 Social inclusion and health
6.2.6 Lybster and development beyond ‘heritage trails’
6.2.7 Year round Festivals
6.2.8 The role of Grey Coast Theatre Company
6.2.9 The ‘Vision of Caithness’
6.2.10 The Year of Highland Culture: 2007

7 Reaching out to the Community of Individuals
7.1 Individuals' Needs
7.2 The Needs of Young People
7.3 Public performances and social inclusion
7.4 Marketing and social inclusion
a) Arts Ambassador Schemes
b) Test Drive Schemes
c) Group Sales


Appendix 1: Objectives of Study

Appendix 2: Feedback from open forums in Thurso and Wick

Appendix 3: Survey responses - Caithness venues visited since January 2001

Appendix 4: Evidence was taken from the following individuals

Appendix 5: Documents researched during the course of this study

Appendix 6: Guidelines for arts provision in community facilities