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Caithness Views  - Out With Bill 5 April 2002
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History through the ages - Mesolithic, Pictish, Iron Age, Medieval Castles, Brochs, Stones, Stone Rows........................Caithness
Villages, Harbours, Crafts, Art Galleries, Local Festivals, Scottish Dances, Pipe Bands, Heritage Centres,  Exhibitions.....Caithness
The People, Writers, Poets, Dancers, Craftsmen, Fishermen, Farmers,  Engineers, Scientists, Environmentalists..........Caithness
The Air, The Sea, The Rain, The Snow, The Sky, The Atmosphere, The Rivers, The Lochs, The Experience, North to...Caithness 
The Rocks, The Wind, The Green, The Blue, The Stars, The Pubs, The Galas, The Friends, The Birds, The Life, its .....Caithness