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Telephones UK
Lots of information and a section on Payphones to let you identify the phone boxes
See the Kiosks/Payphones section

Bobs Telephone File
GPO, Post Office BT Equipment
Details on telephones, clocks and many other items.

Telecommunications Heritage Group UK
The THG was formed in 1986 with the aim of bringing together all those engaged in the study, preservation and collection of the heritage of communications...

The BT Group Archives
Full of information on the history of the communications of the Uk back through history up to modern times and links to more mundane stuff of today

A Radio History Of The Telephone
A history made for American Radio.  Over 4 hours of Audio.

Light Straw ATE
Exploring the history of the UK Telephone Service, with reminiscences from operators, engineers and staff...

The Phone Booth
Lots of links around the world

Related Links Of Interest
The Police Signal Box - A 100 Year History

A 17 page history with photographs - Pdf file

Other Links
Bletchley Park - Station X

During WW2 the German armed forces top secret codes were broken at Bletchley Park, providing the allies with vital information towards their war effort.   The world's first programmable computer and other technologies we take for granted today were initiated at Bletchley Park

Regulatory Bodies
The UK regulatory authority for Telecoms
OFCOM  The new regulatory authority in the UK taking over in 2004

23 August 03
Directory Enquiries - The End Of 192 Saturday
The Start of 118 Sunday
24 August 03

Bookmark this web site now if you want to check which of the new services is cheapest or best suited to your needs.  there are many new numbers offering directory services about to explode into our lives.  They are not all the same and their charges vary considerably so it will pay to check out one you want to use.  Save money by keeping a note of all numbers you are likely to use regularly and remember in Caithness an increasing number of local businesses can be found in our
Caithness Business Index