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Pennyland School - 1963

 5 January 08
From Cliff Mocket
Having seen the photo, I was not even aware of its existence until recently, I would like to point out that I am the good-looking one second from the left in the front row. It is not Alan Henderson as stated. I'm not sure which one is Alan and he was never that handsome. I think I'm sat next to Andrew Sergeant (3rd from left front). Andrew used to live on Pennyland Drive. The 3rd row Graham? is probably Graham Hinds. I left Thurso in 1973 to live in Cheshire but make regular return trips to visit my sister and her family who still live locally. Please can you forward this information to Hilary and give her my best wishes.
Many thanks
Clifford Mockett
Pennyland 1963-1970

5 January 08
Helen Daly (nee Roper) Sends an update with a bigger list of names
Back Row
Irene Walker, Marjorie Ingalls, Vanda Sutherland, Ceridwen Allen, Claire Hathaway, Anne Batey, Sandra Beaton, Heather Carberry, Linda Gordon, Valerie Bain

3rd Row
Martin Wilkinson, Peter McDonald ?, George ?, Andrew ?, Graham ?, ?, Peter Allen ?, David Donaldson, ?, Christopher Lees, Stephen Taylor, Stephen?

2nd Row
Marianne Frost, Claire Gaskell, Shirley Milne, Hilary Wilson, Kirsty Greenshields, Ina McPhee, Helen Roper, Joy Finlayson, Judith Llewelyn, Linda Gordon, Hilary Davis, Hilary Scott, Margaret Greig, Fiona ?

1st Row (Ground)
Jackie Miller, Alan Henderson, Andrew Parker, Ian Cameron, John Haygarth

Photo sent by Hilary Wilson
My name is Hilary Wilson and i am seated 4th from the left in the first seated row. If anyone can fill in some of the blanks names for me I would be delighted.

Back row:-
l-r Irene Walker,
Cathie O'Reilly, Vanda Sutherland, Cerydwyn Allan, ? ?, Sandra Beaton, Heather Carberry
Teacher:- Mrs Houston

3rd Row:- l-r ? ? ? ? ??????Steven Taylor ?

2nd row:- l-r Marianne Frost ? Shirley Milne, Hilary Wilson ? Ina Macphee ? ? ? ? Hilary Davis(deceased) ? ? Margaret Mcginley

Seated on ground:-
l-r Jackie Miller, Allan Henderson, ? Ian Cameron, John Haygarth