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Houstry School

Houstry Area

Houstry school lies in the middle of the Houstry area which is near to Dunbeath.  To reach it turn up the road from the Inver Caravan site.

Beside the back door is an inscription in cement dedicated to Miss Miller who was the head teacher in 1916.  The lady who now lives in the renovated house  - a local nurse met an aunt of miss Miller who still lived in the area and who gave her a photograph of the teacher.

the building is still substantially the same on the outside apart from the addition of a conservatory.  Inside the building has been completely rebuilt with a few changes although the same fireplace has been used with new surrounds and sits in exactly the same offset from the centre position which allowed for the blackboard to be set on the wall and a cupboard today is still in the same recess where the schoolbooks were kept.