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Latheron School Days 1964
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2 November 08
Photo from Ruth Johnston (Mhairi MacLeod when at Latheron School)
Interested to read about the forthcoming Latheron school reunion to be held July 2009. I won't be able to attend but I thought you might be interested in this old school photo, which I have attached.

I attended Latheron Primary from 1964 to early 1969, after which I moved to Edinburgh. The photo was taken in 1964, when I was five and I am the not terribly happy looking little girl, front row, second from the left. In those days I was known as Mhairi MacLeod, Mhairi being my middle name.

I'm nowadays known by my first name Ruth and have married. I can still remember the names of quite a few people in the picture, but have long since lost touch with everyone.

1 February 09
Names From Fiona Sinclair
Back row: Alison Sutherland, James Georgeson, Kathleen Sutherland, Alistair Cunningham, Christa Sutherland, John Farmer, Elizabeth Mackay, Jim MacGregor, Heather Black
Middle row: Ian or Robert Mackay, Valerie Sinclair, Robert or Ian Mackay, Catherine MacGregor, William Leith, Helen Macdonald, Ian Georgeson
Front row: Moira Shearer, Mhairi Macleod, William Macdonald, Isobel Dunbar
I would think that the photo was taken in 1967.