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Crossroads School - 1958 - 59

12 October 2009
Photo from David Robertson
I was able to remember most names but got much needed help from Dennis Manson to complete the list. Dennis is also in the Photos.
David Robertson.

Back Row:
Miss Cuthbertson, James Macphee, David Banks, William Cuthbertson, Hamish Mackay, William Geddes , Ronald Mackay, William Mackenzie, Donnie Mackay, Major Green.

2nd Back Row:
John Macphee, David Shearer, Margaret Macdonald, Esther Sutherland, Dorothy Pilkington, Ishbel Dunett , Isobel Mackay, Carol Geddes, Margaret Mackenzie Peter Macleod, Donnie Malcolm.

3rd Back Row:
Elizabeth Macdonald, Jean Mackay, Evelyn Pilkington, Charlotte Macphee, Betty Malcolm, Christine Sutherland, Barbara Macdonald, Rosslyn Sutherland, Mina Bogdonoff, Lorna Simpson, Judy Miller, Marie Mackenzie, Elspeth Anderson.

4th Back Row:
James Simpson, John Pilkington, David Robertson, Peter Macphee, Donnie Shearer, Alastair Jack, Sandy Mackay, Manson Grant, Dennis Manson ,Malcolm Sinclair.

Front Row:
John Ferguson , Duncan Ferguson.

David Robertson also sent in Crossroads 1959 - 60

From David Banks 15 November 2009
On the back row, third from the left, it should be David Banks (not Geddes).
I say this with some confidence, since I recognise myself - glasses and all !
Thank you,
David Banks
David Banks has sent in Crossroads photos for 1953 and 1954