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For Folk Who Started In 1982
Reunion Date Friday 23 July 2010  - Francis Street Club, Wick

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You Will All Be 40 This Year
Started Wick High In 1982
Time For The REUNION

13 June 2010
UPDATE---Things are going full swing for the reunion with people coming over from as far afield as Shanghai! As we're unable to use Wick High School records for details of pupil attendance we're asking everyone else out there to help us for a final push in face-booking/ my-spacing/ friends reuniting etc... to put the word out there as there's still people we're unable to contact. We've no idea how many people are coming but there seems to be an awful lot and
we'd like to pass on huge thanks to everyone who's helped out so far.

PHOTOS---If anyone has any photographs from the high school days or from the 80s (the dodgier the better!) please
post them to Bill on the Caithness.org website bill@caithness.org  or send to----M.Fraser, 82 Ancrum Drive, Dundee, DD2 2JA no later than July 21st. Please only send photocopies as we cannot guarantee safety or return of originals.

DECOR!---We're able to decorate the club from 11am the morning of the reunion, any volunteers will be hugely welcome. If anyone has already had their 40th and can possibly donate any banners etc...please post to Margo at the above address
or pass it on to us at the club on the 23rd, 11am-1pm.

A few people have asked us what the dress code is and we've said anything as long as you turn up and have a laugh!

And finally--the brilliant Mr.Eric Farquhar (your ex maths teacher for some people!) will be on the door for the evening
selling you your tickets.

25 April 2010
Ticket Price Set At 10 - Pay at The Door
Keeping things simple the reunion ticket price has been set at 10 and you can pay at the door on the night.  It would be handy if you let us know you are coming but its not essential.
Partners are very welcome to come along and join in.  There will be a buffet and a disco with any proceeds left over being donated to the Special Needs Unit of Wick High School.
Bill Fernie has agreed to set up an old school photos gallery if anyone has any they are willing to share.  Just email them to bill@caithness.org and bring along any photos on the night to remind us all of those schooldays now receding into the past.

The Reunion
Its for people who started Wick High school in 1982 and will be 40 this year. The date of the event will be 23rd July 2010 and its in the Francis Street Club. There will be food provided and either a tribute band or a disco (depending on what the majority want).

Contact for details are
Pauline Miller, pmil@fsmail.net  or
Margo Fraser frasermeg70@googlemail.com 

We don't know the price of tickets etc yet as we are still in the very early stages of organising. I don't think there are any pictures on the website of our year group that I know about, but by all means if people have pic's they can post away by sending copies to bill@caithness.org for a gallery on here.

Bring photos on the night or arrange to send me copies to hang up on the boards.

 Thanks Pauline

Wick High 1982 Photo Gallery
A gallery of old school photos for 1982 year will be started when the first ones arrive.  Email your photos for inclusion to bill@caithness.org

If you know of any relevant photos on the web just email the links of photos on this web site or any other.