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Wick High School Reunion
Reunion Date  - Venue, Dounreay Club, Wick

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24 December 2002
The organisers have now set up a new web site for the 1975 Reunion.
You can click over there to see pictures and keep up to date as they have added a message baord

A reunion for the class of 1975. It will be held in the Dounreay Club on 1st August 2003. Tickets are to be 10.00 - letters will be sent to the people we have addresses for.  However if anyone wishes more info at present or wants to ensure that they are on the list and that we have an updated address they can contact either
James Bremner  
Johnny  Briskham   jebriskham@tiscali.co.uk 


Wick High School Reunion 2003

Class Of 75

Did you realise that its 27 years since you started at Wick High School? Well read on..

A High School reunion has been arranged for:

Friday 1st August 2003 at 7.30pm  in Dounreay Club, Wick

This may seem a long time away, but there is a lot to organise!

There will be a buffet and disco, and it will be an idea chance to catch up with all your school buddies, some of which youve probably not seen in years.

A night of memories is guaranteed, and all for just -
10 per person.

If you would like your partner to join in the fun, and see who you knew at school, then they are also welcome for the same price of 10.

Any money left over on the night will be donated to a local charity.

For conformation of booking we will require definite numbers no latter than the end of February 2003. Payment will also be required by this date. Spread the word if you are still in touch with anyone from your year as there are some we dont have contact addresses for.

If you are interested in attending please contact:

James Bremner
30 Brown Place
01955 605624

Johnny  Briskham

A separate bank account has been opened to hold all monies collected. Please make cheques payable to: J A Bremner Reunion Of 75

This will be a night to remember and reminisce about
A one off!
So come on and join in the fun.