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Achreamie School Reunion
30 May 2009 - Weigh Inn, Thurso

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25 November 08
Achreamie School Pupils Reunion.
A small enthusiastic group of ex-pupils met recently and took the decision to arrange a reunion of their fellow past schoolmates. Following a recent article in the Groat, and of course the grapevine, there have been already been some very positive responses from across the age spectrum.

The date for your diaries is Saturday, 30 May 2009 in Weigh Inn Hotel, Thurso.

Full information, entertainment and ticket details, etc. will be available later.

In the meantime, we would appreciate your help in ensuring we have contact details of all past pupils. Although we have a list of many ex pupils, we need their contact addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

There are probably ex pupils, who attended school for short periods whilst their folks were temporarily in the area, working at Dounreay or in farm service, and whose names have escaped our memories. If you can recall any of them, we would appreciate if you let us know. Do not worry if you donít know their addresses etc, we hopefully will be able to trace them via the internet.

We would also appreciate your old school photos. I will scan all photos received and return the originals right away.

Please write, phone, email or call one of the following to express your interest and to pass on your information -

Sandy Mackay
Thurso KW14 7YB
Tel. 01847 811442
Email mackaybuldoo@yahoo.co.uk

Jim Sutherland
The Knowes,
Thurso KW14 7RQ
Tel. 01847 811405
Email jimhsutherland@hotmail.com

16 October 05
Proposed Reunion for Achreamie School
Some former pupils of Achreamie School would like to have a school reunion next year. Would anyone who is interested contact nonamackay@aol.com  or telephone 01847821633 mobile 07714217628

If you want to talk to old schoolmates then leave a message on the Message Board in the Reunions section.

Email any old school photos to add to this section.


The Henderson Family At Achreamie School

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