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The Rags Problem - Possible Solutions
From Brenda

Maybe the answer is as seen recently on Neighbours where there was a non-walking greyhound. One day he saw a neighbour's dog down the road, immediately gave chase and has been running after her ever since. His owner now takes them for walks together. Love makes the world go round!
16 December 05
The Rags Problem - The Dog Who Won't Go for A Walk
A couple of days ago we showed this photo and asked for any tips.  Suggestions have begun to come in.

Suggestion 1
I suggest that Rags owner should go back to basics as what you would do with a puppy, start by putting a lead on rags and letting the lead trail behind him (do not use the expandable lead )leave him for 5 -10 mins then reward him then stage two put lead on him, and you hold the other end have a treat in your hand and make him come to you for the treat, you will have to work at this slowly never drag him keep bribing him it will work in the end, most dogs are food orientated.
Donna Farquhar

Happy Ending For Missing Cat
We lost our cat outside the vets surgery in April 2004. After several weeks of searching, putting up posters, advertising on local radio and local paper we had given up hope of ever finding her. In October 2004 we received a phone call from a man in Dunbar Terrace Thurso saying he was feeding a stray but friendly cat fitting the description of our cat. We went along to see this cat, we where delighted to see this was our cat. So if you lost your cat don't give up looking . They may appear one day when you don't expect it.
Mr P Newman

Items for this section
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