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The page for items flowing from Highland MSP offices and mainly if it has some affect on Caithness & Sutherland.
The bulk of what appears here is press released by the MSP offices and appears as issued and mainly as it appears in local papers, magazines etc
We cannot guarantee to publish all the releases  - just those we have time to add -
They all have press officers to send the items out and we are too few to handle it all coming in.
If readers would like to debate an issue head for the Message Boards

This page is for bits and pieces coming to us from MSP's who cover the Highlands and Islands.  Links to web sites and other information will be added as it comes to hand.

If you want to delve into what the MSP's are saying in the parliament check out the Official Report   This is a daily account of everything that is said.  You will need to be fast reader or selective as the words come by the million on this web site.  Lets you get an idea of what your MSP is saying on your behalf.

MSP's From May 2007
Jamie Stone MSP
List MSP's
Rob Gibson MSP - SNP
Rhoda Grant MSP - Scottish Labour
Jamie Mc Grigor MSP -
Scottish Conservative
Peter Peacock MSP -
Scottish Labour
Mary Scanlon MSP - Scottish conservative
David Stewart MSP - Scottish Labour
All Of the Scottish MSP's Information

MSP's At They Work For You
Constituency MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament) is Jamie Stone, Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross.
List MSPs for Highlands and Islands MSPs are -

2007 Elections for Scottish Parliament and Highland Council
2003 Election - Scottish Parliament & Highland Council

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Scottish Government News & Links

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