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Raffle Tickets For 2008 On Sale Shortly
Look out for them in local shops
If you want to donate a prize for the raffle contact Janice Henderson, 103 Henrietta Street, Wick Tel 01955 603633
Email j.c.h[AT]btinternet.com
A list of raffles prizes will be posted later.

Saturday August 9 2008, AT Charlie Gordon Field With An Evening Disco In The Newmachar Hotel.

5 June 08
2008 Auction and Football Match

Liam was just 23 years old when he was killed. He had graduated from Robert Gordon’s University, Aberdeen, with a degree in Computer Science in July 2003. Having secured employment with Grampian NHS in their IT department upgrading their computer systems, he had settled in Newmachar – a small village nine miles north of Aberdeen.

As a tribute to Liam’s memory, we have set up a charitable trust. The objective of this trust is, through fund-raising events, to promote youth sports development in Caithness (where Liam grew up) and Newmachar (his adopted home) and the surrounding areas. These fund-raising events – a raffle and auction – are linked to the annual charity football game between Wick and Newmachar. The event also sees the youth of the communities coming together in a junior tournament, with matches between local primary schools, as well as a match between East End Boys Club (the youth team Liam played for as a child, and the Newmachar Colts. As well as raising money, this is a highly enjoyable event which links the communities together.

To date, the Memorial Trust Fundraising activities have raised approximately £112,000 and kids football, rugby, swimming, judo, badminton, kayaking, horse riding for the disabled and netball clubs in the North of Scotland are just a few of the types of organisations who have benefited from awards from the Trust. This year the charity events, including the highly competitive football match, auction and raffle, will be held in Newmachar, on Saturday the 9th of August 2008.

8 July 07
2007 Raffle Prize List Growing

The 2007 Liam Henderson Memorial Fund looks set to be given another boost as the annual raffle prize list continues to grow.  Make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible as the draw is only weeks away.

3 June 07
Liam Henderson Memorial Fund Next Game

Wick, July 21, 2007 the next Fund Raiser
More details to follow

Another Huge Total Raised For Liam Henderson Memorial Fund
The 3rd & 4th June weekend (including raffle sales from Wick) £22,900 + £4600 from Sponsors & donations here in Wick made a  Grand total £27,500. This far surpassed expectations again & they still have the Mini fun morning for the kids at Harmsworth Park on 22nd July 06.

The Primary Schools 7 a side tournament Kicks off at 10.00am that day. This event is for the younger local kids who did get the opportunity to go to Newmacher. The fund raising element is secondary. There will of course be the usual stalls that day but the emphasis is on family fun.
Janice Henderson said" We will of course send an open letter of thanks to everyone who has supported the fund once things settle down but we wanted to thank you both for your continued support & encouragement."

About Liam
Liam Henderson was tragically killed on the15th November 2003 in the Toryglen area of Glasgow. He was making his way to the Scotland V Holland game that day.

Liam, an ardent member of the Tartan Army regularly supported the Scottish team at home & abroad, was just 23 years old and had graduated in July 2003 from Robert Gordon’s University Aberdeen with a degree in computer science. He had secured employment with Grampian NHS in their IT dept upgrading their computer systems and had settled in Newmacher – a small village 9 miles north of Aberdeen. His death was the result of the senseless actions of a moron who deliberately drove his car into a crowd of supporters as they made their way to Hampden.   The driver of the car is now in jail.

In Liam's memory his family arrange an annual charity football game - Wick (Liam’s home town) V Newmacher (his adopted home).  A trust was set up and donations are made to the East End Boys Club in Wick and Newmacher football club.

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Newmacher is 11 miles from Aberdeen city