Council Merge Departments

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The Highland Council has agreed to reduce the number of directors it employs from 11 to 8 following a review of its management structure. The Education Service and Cultural and Leisure Services, which each have a director, are to merge to become the Education Culture and Sport Service, with one director of the new service. 

Also amalgamating are Commercial Operations, Protective Services and the Roads
and Transport Service, which each have a director, into Roads Community and Protective Services, with one director of the new service.  The appointments of the two new directors are anticipated between October and December.  A review will be made of the second and third tier of management in these services by the end of the year with a target of the new management structures being in place by April of next year. 

The new services mirror the configuration of the new Strategic Committees,
which were recently formed.  The Council was advised at a private discussion on Thursday (6 September) that the review of the management structure was needed to increase cross service working and cut down on an overlap of service provision. It would lead to stronger decentralisation. 

Within the restructuring, it has been agreed that catering and building
cleaning should move from Commercial Operations to Education Culture and Sport, while tourism would move from Cultural and Leisure Services to the Planning and Development Service.