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New Order
3 September 2001

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AEA Battery Systems, based in Thurso, Caithness, has won an order from Thales Defence Limited to supply state of the art Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery systems and chargers. The contract, which was won in the face of international competition, will help to increase the current 105 work-force. The battery units use the latest advanced Lithium Ion cells manufactured by AGM Batteries Ltd. The units will be used in a Military SatCom application. The units are scheduled to be delivered in mid-September.

The Factory At Thurso

AEA Battery Systems, Managing Director, David Loughborough said

“The contract was won against stiff UK and European competition and was clinched following a practical demonstration that AGM's technology could operate at the extremes of temperature required. It is expected that this order will lead to significant follow-on work and discussions to this effect are underway. The significance of this contract is that it justifies the investment made in developing the technology to the point where it has become a leader in its field. The same leading edge technology is also available to the UK Armed Forces through its BOWMAN and Clansmans contracts.”

During a visit Minister Brian Wilson welcomed this announcement as another step forward for the creation of high quality jobs in Thurso.

“AGM Batteries is a cutting edge company and an excellent partnership of UK and Japanese skills and investment.

“The development and production of advanced batteries in the Highlands is of significant importance to the economy because of the potential for further job creation.

“The product produced by AEA Technology and its Japanese partners is of the finest quality and is able to compete successfully in world markets”.