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Hempriggs Estate To Close Scalesburn To North Baths Path, Wick On Safety Grounds
It is with regret that Hempriggs Estate is announcing the imminent but, hopefully, temporary, closure of the Wick pathway along the top of the brae from Scalesburn to a point east of the North Baths stairway where it meets the pathway from Lindsay Drive, along with the stairway itself.

Bruce de Wert, Solicitor of Georgesons, Solicitors, Factor of Hempriggs Estate said: --
"There has been a succession of landslips affecting this area over the years. We have tried to keep the pathway open as long as possible but, in certain places, the next landslip will undermine the path. The safety of the public is the Estate's prime concern and, in that respect, there can be no half measures. The Trustees hope that the closure will only be temporary."

The Highland Council is aware of the fears concerning this route and, with the Estate, are exploring ways to fund a formal survey. It is anticipated that such a survey could, itself, be an expensive project. The Estate understands that the costs of remedial measures would be extremely high and certainly beyond their budget.

The local authority, some years ago, erected fencing along the affected areas but the fencing is, itself, now becoming undermined.

There is a concrete bridge erected many years ago over an area of earlier landslip and this is also deteriorating.

The stairway requires to be closed to prevent access to the dangerous areas.

Bruce de Wert said:- "There are other areas of concern further along the pathway but we are anxious to avoid inconveniencing the public and we do not anticipate closure at this time. This is a beautiful walk and it is a terrible shame to see any of it closed. These other areas will have to be kept under review. If members of the public see anything which causes them concern, I would appreciate it if they would contact me. "

It is anticipated that workmen will commence the work of closing the footpath early next week.