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Sale Report Quoybrae 14 January 2003
Caithness Livestock Centre - Aberdeen & Northern Marts sold 32 cattle and 432 sheep at their special sale at Quoybrae. 

Prime cattle sold to a top of 107p per kg for a 515 kg Limousin cross bullock from W P and E Watson, Harpsdale Mains, Halkirk.

Top gross price was 677.93 for a 655 kg Charolais cross from Mrs E C Robertson, Inkstack, Barrock.

Heifers sold to 100.5p for a 555 kg Simmental cross from W P and E Watson.

Top gross price was 568.88 for a 615 kg Charolais cross from J W Sinclair and Co, Clachan, Mid-Clyth.

Leading prices per kg: Bullocks - 103.5p Inkstack; 100p Harpsdale Mains.

Heifers - 100p Catchery and Inkstack; 93p Clachan.

Leading prices per head: Bullocks - 654.05 Inkstack; 650.75 Brae-edge; 648.60 No 4 Sibster.

Heifers - 565.80 Clachan; 565 Catchery; 557.78 Harpsdale Mains.

Prime lambs sold to 108.9p per kg for eight 38.1kg Suffolk crosses from D Campbell, Thrumster Mains, Wick to average 103.4p and to 51 a head for 49.8kg Suffolk crosses from W J Murdoch, No 3 Braal, Halkirk.

Leading prices per kg: Suffolk - 106.9p Brae-edge; 104.7p Achnamoine; 104.4p Westerloch. Texel - 105.1p Tresdale; 104.1p Westerloch; 103.3p Brae-edge. Cheviot - 103.1p Thrumster Mains; 102.2p Brae-edge; 101.5p Ribigill Farm.

Leading prices per head: Suffolk - 50 No 3 Braal; 49.80 Achnamoine; 48.50 Westerloch. Texel - 49.20 Tresdale; 48.50 Smerral Farm. Half-bred - 49 Smerral Farm. Cheviot - 47 Ribigill Farm; 46 Brae-edge. Store lambs: 43.20 Milton Farm; 43 Cullen View.

Feeding Ewes & Rams 56 Smiddyquoy; 55 Milton Farm; 54 Catchery; 52 Stainland.

Breeding cattle: Cow with heifer calf at foot 720 Achnamoine.