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Be Prepared For Cold Weather If Driving
Scotland is lined up for some very cold weather in the next few weeks if the forecasts prove correct.  Here in the Highlands most folk are used to some years being far worse than others but it is as well to remember to make sure that some things are looked at especially if you are travelling far in your car.

If you are new to the north remember that it is advisable to carry some items when making longer trips.  the two hour drive to Inverness can become a six hour or longer trip if snow comes in fast and traps you or makes driving difficult.

Think about weather conditions well in advance and take extra things with you like blankets and a flask of coffee.  If you are stuck for a few hours or longer these things can be essential.  A spade or shovel might get you out of a small snow drift and make the difference between getting stuck or moving on.

Make sure the anti freeze in your car is topped up and think about getting a new battery if yours is old.  Remember a car is harder to start in cold weather and makes greater demands on the battery.  The one that has struggled in warmer weather will die in the cold.

Think about the clothing you are wearing and what you might need it your car is stuck and you can't run the heater.   Do not run your engine if stuck in the snow unless the exhaust is completely free of snow.

Check the weather forecast before setting off over the next few weeks as bad weather is predicted.  Do you really need that long trip if you will get stuck on the way home.

Temperatures in some parts are expected to drop to minus 10C in some rural areas tonight.  Watch for icy roads at all times.