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Swimming Pools

Wick Pool Tel 01955 603711

Wick Pool Opening Times

 Thurso Pool  Opening Times

Thurso Pool Tel 01847 893260

The swimming pools in Thurso and Wick offer a lot more than just the swimming pool facilities.  They have fitness rooms and run a variety of swimming and fitness classes.  A number of clubs for adults and children also use the facilities including life saving classes, water aerobics.  In school holidays there is often extra classes or activities for children so it is always worth contacting the pools to ask what is going on.  The pools will also arrange to take you though the range of swimming certificates and many local children advance using the local swimming clubs   

The facilities at both Thurso and Wick are excellent.  Wick's new pool opened just a few years ago and Thurso has had extensive upgrading a couple of years ago.  Both pools have trained staff and lifeguards and have child protection policies in place as well as strict safety rules for the protection of swimmers of all ages and abilities.  Photography is by permission only at both pools - ask at reception before using a camera in the pools.

Children At Pools In Caithness
Children under 3 years of age require to be accompanied by an adult ie one child one adult.
Children in the ages 3 - 8 require two only per adult.

Wick Swimming Pool

North Coast Leisure Centre

If you are in North Sutherland why not check out the pool at Bettyhill - North Coast Leisure Centre

Sutherland Swimming Pool Complex
Back Road, Golspie, KW10 6RA
Tel: 01408 633437   Fax: 01408 6330437


A Smart Card Revolution At Highland Leisure Facilities
When were you last at your local swimming pool or library.  If it has been a while then you have not seen the great flexibilty and fantastic offers on entry to all of the Highland Council Leisure facilities.   Swimming Pools in particular have introduced great deals on admission to not just swimming pools but fitness rooms, sunbeds and more.   The new smart cards are part of the High Life programme and can also be used as your library card.  They offer great deals for individuals and family groups allowing entry to facilities at much reduced rates if you attend regularly.......

8 August 2002
Several children took part in gaining skills in emergencies and rescue at Wick & Thurso Swimming Pools Swimming Pools.  Here are the Wick crew getting their certificates

Awards for Rescue


Wick Fitness Suite