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South Primary School, Wick
Roxburgh Road, Wick, KW1 5HP
Head Teacher - Pat Bowers  - Telephone: 01955 603203

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7 April 08
South School Pupils Check Out Pavements For Safer Route To School
Pupils from South School, Wick recently went out to measure pavements or the lack of them near to their school.  The pupils concentrated on Old wick Road where there is pavement only on one side of the street due to the fact that until recent years there was only one house.  With the advent of new house building on Old Wick Road and at Old Wick where nearly 70 houses are being constructed it was felt the time was right to look at the pavement situation.  A programme administered by Highland Council called "Safer Routes To School" may provide some funding to improve the situation.  Highland Council TEC services has been working with the school to check measurements and hope to be in a position to carry out the work on new pavements later this year.  A few photos of the burn that runs through the area were also taken as this is a cause of concern due to the unsightly amount of rubbish accumulating in it.

Music Festival 2006

29 March 06
Salt Cellars At Wick Harbour  - Art Project Involves Wick School Kids and Metal Gates
School children from all the Wick schools have been involved in a unique art project to create gates for the old Salt Cellars that have lain derelict for years.  The Wick Society have taken over the salt cellars and the art work of the children portraying parts of Wick's history has been drawn and is now being made into metal gates by Ian Sinclair.  The gates will be back lit to show up the designs on the gates.  They will be ready in and in place in June.

25 January 06
Burns Day Lunch At South School, Wick

Lunch time at South School, Wick today got the full Burns Day treatment with haggis, shortbread and Burns songs.  There was even a dram although it was a glass of Irn Bru juice before the kids headed out to the playground where the new Active Schools coordinator was around to organise playground games.  with all that haggis the kids were raring to go.  There were two sittings for lunch with the younger children tucking in first followed by the older primary classes.   Burns Links

8 July 05
South School Football Team Hat Trick Of Trophies
This years South School football team seem to reflect the growing confidence of the whole area and took a third trophy this year - The Danny Cormack Memorial Trophy.  The score was 1 - 0 against Pulteneytown Academy.  The team swept all before them this year winning three cups and becoming the primary schools county champions.  This is a remarkable achievement not seen for over 10 years.  The school is located in the Pulteneytown area of Wick and if their football success is a marker then it seems Pulteneytown is on its way up again.  Well done to the South School team.

28 June 2005
South School Wins Wick Town Cup

They won 1-0 on Mon 27/06/05 after a play-off at Hillhead School against North School after both teams had won 3 games and lost 1 game. It has been 10 years since they won this particular cup. South School have also won the Wick Town Netball Cup.  the county finals are at Hillhead School on 28 June.

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23 February 07
South School Raised 110 For big Heart Day
South School raised 110 on their Big Heart day celebrations.  Big Heart is campaign in highland schools that began in its first year to help victims of the Tsunami.  This year the funds raised will go to a new skills centre in Gambia.

13 April 06
Dounreay Apprentices On the Ball For South School, Wick
Apprentices at Dounreay turned their skills to making football equipment when they learned that a primary school in Wick didn't have a proper set of goalposts on its pitch. They turned out a new set of goals using fabrication equipment in their workshop and then installed them at Wick's South School. The apprentices also manufactured a new set of gates to help improve security at the school. Dounreay became involved in the project when site director Norman Harrison spoke with community leaders about how the site could help the Pulteneytown regeneration project.  More Photos

31 March 06
Mad March Walk - South School, Wick

28 June 04
Second Year Of King Prawn Chess Competition In Wick
The second annual King Prawn Chess Tournament was held at Hillhead Primary School Wick on Monday June 21st, 2004.    Hillhead runs a chess club for Primaries 4,5,6 and 7, while South School's chess club is for Primary 6 and 7. Both school's chess clubs participate in the British Land UK Chess Challenge that gives pupils the ability to earn points and prizes and compare their result schools play against each other in an intense but friendly competition.  Both teams played very well with South School prevailing and taking the King Prawn trophy home for another year.

19 March 04
Primary 7 World War Two Party For A Few Guests
South School's Primary 7 class brought their World War Two project to an end with a party for some of the folk in Wick who were around at the time.  The class had looked a various aspects of the war and how it affected people on the home front and for the party they even cooked some food using WW2 recipes.  Primary 6 provided waitresses for the event.  Lots of songs from the period were sung.

P6 Science Festival O3 Winners

P6 from South School, Wick won the Primary School section at the Science 03
Festival.  Their prize was a visit to the Dounreay Visitor Centre.  During their visit they had a tour of the Visitor Centre, a dog and vehicle display by the UKAEA Constabulary and rides in the fire engine and ambulance by Dounreay's Firebrigade. On their return journey to Wick they visited the new playpark at Ormlie, Thurso.

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Pyjama Walk 1 April 2003

26 May 03

King Prawn Chess Tournament

13 June 03

Nursery Mural

A Classroom

Music Festival 2002

Jubilee Barbecue
7 June 2002

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World War Two Project 2003

25th Anniversary Assembly

South School's head teacher Pat Bowers told the children that their school was now 25 years old.

26 August 2002

New Primary One

Rain Forest Day
26 June 2002

South School followed on a recent visit to the school by aboriginal dancers with their own Rain Forest studies and dances all rehearsed and performed on the same day last week.  Beverley Sarstedt who runs dance classes in Caithness choreographed the dances and had the older children ready for the afternoon performances - a day packed with information about rain forests, people and their cultures. 

2 October 03
Song Of Wick

Song Of Wick Rehearsal

Children In Need Day
15 November2002

Halloween 2002

Aboriginal Culture Day
22 May 2002

World War Two Project
19 March 2002