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Newsletter 14 December 2005

Dear Parent

Newsletter – 14.12.05

Winter Show Arrangements – Now that our rehearsals are complete the Show will last approx 2˝ hours including intervals for Lucky Programme and Raffles. There will, therefore, need to be no changes to the times you were given in the previous Newsletter which were

  • Nursery – To Room 6 by 6.45. Collect from 7.15 onwards. If you wish to stay just for this you may watch from the side without a ticket and then just follow the children out of the Hall.

  •  P1-3 – To their classrooms by 6.30 and can be collected from 7.30 onwards

  • P4-5 – To their classrooms by 7 and can be collected from 8.30 onwards

  • P6-7 – To their classrooms by 7.30 until the end of the Show at about 9.30.

ALL CHILDREN - Should arrive and leave using the children’s doors at the far end of the school. There will be lights on in the playground and above these doors and I would ask that everyone keeps their voices down in the playground as the noise can travel into the Hall as someone else will be performing at that time. While we are happy to keep the children until the end if you are at the Show, if you have someone else who can collect them this would be much better for the children, especially the younger ones, as they will be very tired if they have two late nights and still have to perform on Friday morning.

Arrangements for Friday - The only change is to lunchtime as the Show will continue until approx 1 p.m. and there is nowhere for the infants to have lunch while the Show is on. Therefore, lunch for ALL pupils (P1-7) will be 1 – 2 p.m. and I will arrange for the School Crossing Patroller to be available for this time.

If you do not have a ticket already then I am afraid Wednesday is sold out but there are still about 50 tickets left for Thursday night and plenty for Friday morning. Please call at the office if you require a seat for Thursday but feel free to just pay at the door on Friday morning. A big thank you to all who have donated towards the raffle.

Don’t Forget
· Tues 20 Dec Infant Party – 1.30 p.m.
· Wed 21 Dec P4-7 Disco/Party – 1.30 p.m.
· Thurs 22 Dec 9.30-11.30 Nursery Party for both groups
· Thurs 22 Dec 2 p.m. – Salvation Army Hall for Christmas Service

Yours sincerely


Head Teacher