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Lybster Primary School
Main Street, Lybster, KW3 6BJ
Head Teacher:Mrs S Stewart  Telephone:01593 721224
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Balloon Race 29 March 2006
Lybster Primary School finally got their 'Great Balloon Race' going today. It was postponed during the Easter Fayre on Saturday due to extremely wet weather! Today however the balloons took off into a clear blue sky and headed swiftly towards Camster and hopefully further afield. All the balloons carried a ticket which we would encourage anyone finding it to return, as the person who returns the ticket from the balloon that has travelled the furthest will win 20 in prize money!

Rural Schools Sports Day 2003

Lybster PTA Hit The Sponsored Walk As St Trinian Lookalikes
The Lybster PTA were on their sponsored walk to raise money for school funds on Saturday.  They are walking from Wick to Lybster and were stopping off for lunch at the Smiddy Inn at Thrumster.

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Primary One 2002

2002 Music Festival

Millennium Garden

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