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Ai Wee Backside Shoppies
by W T Lyall

If ye lived in ai backside o Poltney
Afore thur wis Coop Supersave
Ye wid ken o ai wee Backside shoppies
An ai long loyal service they gave

Ai Backsiders wanted for nothin
Content in thur oun little scene
They'd no need till trek doon till Bridge Street
Or pass ai Argyle Square Green

I'll tell ye aboot some o iss shoppies
Though most o them's nearly all gone
Ye'll soon recognise iss collection o neimes
Wi a record that's second till none

''Wuldig'' wis famous for biscuids
Ai Backsiders kent fit wis good
Wi queued on a Sunday for Wuldig's icecream
But ye kerried yur own boul or choog

''John Leith'' hed a beeg tank of paraffin
An selt penny bunnles o sticks
Ai lollipops hed a queer flavour
But fine efter twa or three licks

''Hughina'' for chops mince and shankies
''Andrew Teyler'' made fine pottied heed
They'd both gie a bittie for beilan
An mark id till ye's ready till peid

''Walter'' wis more than a Chemist
His service hes never been matched
Always ready wi bandage an lint
If ye fell an yur knee wis a' scratched

''John Cormack'' made chips for ai backside
Yur toung wid be lickin yur lips
Ade wis fine walkin hom fae ai picters
Wi a thripenny bag o 'John's' chips

If yur shoes wis in need o a halfsole
Then 'Cherlie' ai dummy ye'd ken
A han o pontoon when ye's waitin
Ye'd ken fa ai dummy wis then

''E A Bainie'' for Fine Blend tobacco
Her shoppie wis richt up till scratch
But trust 'Willie Fracher' for a bargain
A penny for a Woodbine an match

''Sanny Sketty'' for pandrops and carmels
Lucky bags lollipops and gum
''Jessie Clye'' for cakes scones and fancies
No sooner baked an all done

''Jessie Wilson'' selt sticks o black sugar
For a penny ai bairnies wid buy
Then shake ade in a bottle o water
An drink ade at ai back o ai Sket Hive

''George McKain'' hed a twisty white mouser
Wi a knife he'd an uncanny knack
He slice up yur ham wi a surgeon's skill
An his wife made floor scones in ai back

Theres wan thing ye got oot o iss shoppies
Ids something that money cant buy
If ye felt like some company an blether
Ades something iss shoppies supply

I houp ye've enjoyed iss wee story
An I'm sure theres more shoppies ye can mind
Thur business wis mixed wi pleasure
In iss self service age ye'll no find

We'd a long loyal service fe 'Emma'
Now ades 'Angie' an 'Hughie' an 'Jack'
An now wur chist left wi wur memories
We could do wi ai wee shoppies back