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From The Top Of Caithness General Hospital Chimney, Wick

Wick river in the foreground with the trees that line the town part contrast with the lush green fields that are prevalent on the coast of the county.  Just over the river is the pavilion that once housed boats that were hired by locals and visitors.  That activity ceased many years ago when small wall holding the water was taken away to allow a flow to get rid of weed and algae.  In the middle of the pictures are a row of houses behind the trees.  That is Miller Avenue  The filed which has sheep grazing is the site every three years of the Caithness county show. (In the other two years the show moves to Scrabster and Halkirk).  The county show is normally at the end of July or early August and covers the whole field for a couple of days with tents and vehicles.

Picture Bill Fernie