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Bonar Bridge - Sutherland

From Neil MacDonald
I noted with interest your feature on Bonar Bridge and in particular, the demise of the Salmon Netting there.  During the late 70's & early 80's I was stationed there while serving with the local Constabulary.  Amongst my many memories of that time is one of coming off duty around 4am on a Summer's morning and hearing the creak of oars in the rowlocks and the splashing of the Salmon in the net through my open window.
I have enclosed a few pictures from that time which may make some interesting comparisons with your more recent offerings.  They include a couple of views of a Salmon Coble ready for the next tide and the view towards  what was known as 'The Bonar Shot' fishing station downstream of the bridge.  (There were three stations all together, the aforementioned Bonar Shot, The River Shot which was immediately upstream of the bridge and the Bay Shot which was mid-way between Bonar Bridge and Ardgay.  The Bay was only fished at the height of the grilse run during July and August.)
The final picture is of River House, the oldest building in the village, immediately upstream of the bridge on the North side.