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The First Bus Tour To Stroma

Pictures From Dinah Dowding
The bus was one of the Highland Omnibus and the driver was one Donnie Gunn, Holborn Avenue, Thurso - we went on this trip in the summer of 1950!! twas a great success. As you can see by the photo we all went over from Huna in a little boat and scrambled up on the other side - long before the pier.

In the boat picture you can see the white summer cap of Donnie the bus driver
I have some names for the Dancing ( Ha!) picture - starting at the back:-
Lillian Williamson,her mother Mrs Jean Williamson, Mrs Jessie Budge, Mrs Dinah Watt,
Mrs Nicol Mackenzie Dinah Dowding Mrs W. Mackay the rest I can't remember.
Front row and kneeling is the one and only Mrs Georgina Melville, Durness Street, Thurso who played her boxie at all our open air dances -Ladies all came from Thurso.