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Stroma Mains Farm

When the island had a community living on it Stroma Mains was one of several farms.  The island is owned today by the family of the original inhabitants and they now farm the whole island.  they live there when work requires to be done mainly in the summer months.  The island is approximately 1000 acres and that is the size of the farm.  Stroma Mains Farm is no more than a ruined house and sits at a point where there are fine views across the pastureland to the sea.  Although there is no permanent population the place is still very much used for farming sheep today.  As you can see from the pictures hay is is produced for winter feed.  The soil could and did produce much in the way of vegetables and other arable crops but today only a few potatoes are grown in one of the cottage gardens for the farmers own use.  

Picture - Bill Fernie