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Thrumster Cemetery

Some pictures of Thrumster Cemetery showing the good condition in which many small Caithness cemetaries are kept.  As with many cemetaries Thrumster has an older and newer section.  Many of the older headstones lie flat on the ground but the texts are still clearly visible on most of them.  Others may need some work to read them.  A few Miller headstones are shown here but the cemetary has many other family names among them.  We selected just a few of the many Millers to coincide with the family histories we have recently been highlighting.  there are of course Millers in most of the Caithness cemetaries being a common name in these parts.  Pictures taken in poor light late on 11 November 2000.  Half a dozen headstones pictured here selected mainly for clarity of the text and no other reason.  Many from the 1850's onwards are in excellent condition.  Earlier ones are variable in the text able to be read depending on the quality of stone used.  Good records are available at North Highland Archive in Wick for all the Caithness cemetaries.

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