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Watten Mills
From a Manuscript of 1925 by Robert W Macadam (1850-1933)
Caithness History from Caithness Field Club Bulletin 1996
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Remember Halkirk's Best Highland Games Yet
Now in Halkirk Highland Games Section a reminder of the day in July.

Down Your Way - Ackergill Crescent

Additions to Site in Links
We all have them but where do you get one when its mislaid.  Well Caithness.Org for a Calculator,Scientific Calculator(Simple Functions), Calendar (any month or year)

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Also Down Your Way - Thurso   High Ormlie

Women's Rights News
Now feeding in to our Women on the Web.

Fund Raising Appeals
It can be difficult to find the volunteers to help with your fundraising activities even when they are out there.

Eye On Maternity Services

Association of Community Councils
A Press Release shows the Association views on Maternity Services and Rubbish to come to Caithness from Inverness and the Threat to Area Committees.

Missing Persons
We are getting increasing success stories from our missing persons and reunion pages in joining old friends up.  See the message board re a recent USA success.

New Photo Feature Section

Mary Anne's Cottage
An article by Professor A Fenton originally published in Caithness Field club Bulletin 1996.

Ham Harbour by George Watson
Another short piece from Caithness Field Club's earlier publications.

Links Go On Growing
New sections are being added every week.  Here are some of the many new ones - Books & Full Texts Online, Recipes,Classical Literature, Literary Resources.  Many other sections have additions in the last few days.

Seven-a-Side Football Comps - Wick
A big turnout with teams entered from Thurso, Castletown, Halkirk and other parts of Caithness for another competition.  These lads must be getting fit.

Wick Karate Club Awards
Over 40 members of the very popular Wick Karate Club passed gradings to new levels under Sensei Taylor's experienced eye this afternoon.

Lyth Arts Centre - Some October Performances
Three Sunday performances with two especially suitable for children.

Alexandra Semenova Russian Folksinger
11.00 - 12.15 organised by Northlands.

Caithness Awash with Music
Last night at Mackays Hotel, Wick showed just what is on offer in the north in this particular music scene.

Thurso Live Music Association
The winter series of performances starts on Tuesday 26 September with Hansel & Gretel by Scottish Opera-Go-Round.

Halkirk Pictures
Just a few and more will be added in the A to Z of Caithness.
Additional Pictures added 23 September.

A Night at The Races - In Wick?
"Jings Crivvens and Help-Ma-Boab"  Yes that's right folks a Racing Night in in Assembly Rooms, Wick.  A party night for all of you and what's it for?

Eye On Maternity Services in Caithness and North Highland

Message Board
to give your views an airing.

Weather Turns Full Circle

Down Your Way Henrietta Street Area

Northlands Festival - Dramatic Outdoor Start

New Harbour Protection Takes First Beating

Later Pictures at 5.00pm - Still Blowing a Gale at Sea

Caithness A - Z - New Material

Junior Seven-a-side Competition At Dunnet

Seals at Gills

Wearing the Arsaidh by Trudi Mann

News Feeds Page For More New Pictures
Still lots of tidying up to do in this section but you will find more new pictures.

Another Perspective on the Sutherland Clearances
These thought from Tom Allan in the 1996 Caithness Field Club Bulletin.

Archaeology Week
14th - 22nd October - Put these dates in your diary if you have ever wondered about the huge number of archaeological sites in Caithness.

Pipe Band Saturday Morning Sell Out
A packed Hall was entertained by a wide range of traditional singing and dancing. caught a few of the performers and the pictures are in NEWSFEEDS

Northern Martial Arts Studio
Juniors & Seniors get their certificates - pictures now in.

University of Aberdeen Centre for Continuing Education
A wide variety of courses and lectures are on offer this coming season.  They include a wide variety of subjects from one off lectures to short courses.  Check out what is available in Caithness and the Highlands.

Big Turnout at Yarrows Broch and Cairns
The opportunity to get expert information on Yarrows an area of Caithness packed with ancient ruined brochs and chambered cairns was not missed by an unexpectedly large crowd.  70 people turned up to hear archeaologists give them the benefit of their recent studies.  The whole area is very unknown outside Caithness and although having many more ancient structures then say Orkney is little excavated.  Many structures are clearly visible and most are untouched - waiting some future funding to see what lies below.  A short report and pictures of the day.  A great walk with many interesting features and well marked if you are planning a trip to Caithness.  Pictures now working 13 September.

Eye On the Pump
With Petrol Prices now being looked at so closely everywhere it is no longer necessary for us to beat that drum any longer.  We are discontinuing the Eye On The Pumps pages.  Bigger campaigns are doing a much better job and we have many other things to do.  Watch out for next Eye On...... campaign or suggest an issue to us.

Bikers and Football
A few pictures in the Newsfeeds section.

Castletown Heritage Museum
New section set up by Nancy with several new pages supplied by the Castletown Heritage group.

New Links Sections
Updating Daily Links sections added - Cool Sites Jokes   Film News.

Field Club Outing to Dunbeath
Short report and a couple of pictures.

Northlands Festival
Wednesday 20th September - Tuesday 26th September
Each year the festival brings a varied programme of events to the north.  2000 is no exception with a diverse range of music and drama.  Combining talents from Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Finland with visiting artists  and local people taking part.  Exhibitions, lectures, dance, music,  Nordic Supper with fireworks are only a few of the treats on offer.  Check out the full programme and get your tickets early.  This event is well worth a trip to Caithness.

Computer Deal for Voluntary Groups
Get Connected Offer from SCVO.
If your voluntary group is looking for an Internet ready PC before 31st December then check out his offer from SCVO.   It also comes with an offer of up to 40% reduction for all your BT business telephone and fax numbers.

Reunion 70 - 77 Pulteneytown Academy
Footy Picture now in with names.  Do you know anyone in the pictures or on the list.  Tell them about the reunion.

There's no Accounting for Animals
A nearly true story by Don Smith - Field Club 1997.

Where Are they Now?
That Netball Team again.  Already we have identified everyone in the picture that went up on 31st August and where they went to.  Check out the 70 - 77 Reunion Page.  Where are the rest of you now?  Remember Mandy Scudder (nee Miller) has started a message going in our message board if you would like to say hello to all your ex classmates.

Concentric Earth Circles
Caithness and the north has some fascinating and mysterious aspects in its early history.  Ponder this short article by Geoff Leet from the Caithness Field Clubs bulletins.  For the full list of the articles on so far Click Here.  Many more to come...

Funding for Voluntary Groups
We know how tough it is out there for small voluntary groups.  We have started to increase our input to the funding information that we find on the Internet.  It is no way comprehensive but it may give you some leads. In Caithness check out Caithness Voluntary Group who have access to heaps of information on funding.   Elsewhere your local Council of Voluntary Service (CVS) can assist.  Do not be put off, there is funding out there - you just need to ask and fill in lots of forms naturally.  Good Luck with whatever you are doing.

Highland Dancing Festival - Wick
A very big turnout of competitors for this Elise Lyall, 2000 Festival of Highland dancing today.  The first pictures of the morning competitors are now in.  More later.  Some Afternoon Competitors now in 7.30pm.  More later.   OK Aussies.  Claire is in at last.  We have been really busy.  For the rest of you out there we promised weeks ago to put Claire in at the John O'Groat Highland Games.

Wick Pipe Band - Last Outdoor Parade of Summer
Check in Caithness Music Scene for the rest of the Band's concerts.

Has your Business got its Free page in
Getting found is easy on if your page is there.  Our pages are growing so if you are a local business don't miss this opportunity to get your FREE entry or for higher profile take out a banner advert to drive traffic to you.  Give us a call if you want more and we will see what we can do. Remember the basic entry will always be FREE - no excuse for not being found now!  With new indexing in place and a whole new look and the upgrading goes on.

Helmsdale Web Site
Congratulations to Helmsdale on the new local web site we found this morning.  Great to see views of our neighbour just over the border in Sutherland.

Links Pages
Our links section is growing but if you have any local links you think should be added to our listings then send them in.  We are adding new links every week in many sections - check out Libraries for some new additions. Kids Links now have a new joke a day and a fact a day. The recent additions are too numerous to show here -  take a look around.


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