News Archive - December 2000

Midday Wick 2000 Fades
Market Square 12 hours to go.  See bits of Wick as 2000 bows out.  Party time in the square begins 10.30pm.  Last year over 2000 people made it for the bells.  The web cam will be in the orange building you see all being well.

Whitehouse Park and Views on the last day of 2000

Where is this Little Bit of Caithness
We park animals as well as cars in Wick?

Golf at Wick
With all the improvements at Wick Golf Club including a new club house and major course improvements a game of golf in Caithness could be a treat in 2001.  If you are coming to Caithness why not try All Four Courses over a few days.  Great sea views and plenty of places to visit.

Another Wee Test
If the Television programmes are so all repeats maybe you are here looking for something to do.  Well here another wee trial of your Caithness knowledge.

Work Places in Caithness
A request from Frunzenskaya, Russia has prompted this new section which we will add to from time to time.  As we keep finding Caithness folk get around.  This is where our correspondent used to work and get his lunch a few years ago.  Caithness Glass and Houston's Restaurant.

General The Lord Horne of Stirkoke
Caithness's Greatest General.  Fascinating information on how another Caithnessian played a part in the First World War.

Some Caithness Grasses
More for the plant lovers out there.  We are also listing these articles in the Nature and Environment section as well as in the Caithness Field Club bulletin Index.

Wick Sky Today in Photo Features

A Caithness School In the Early 19th Century
Young Caithnessians were going to be taught back then no matter what.  See how it compares with today.  They got round the world with it.  Sea Captains, Inventors, Business Men, Farmers, Fishermen.  In the 19th Century Caithness supplied at one point 60 metropolitan policemen in London when there were only 16 in Caithness itself.(London Caithness Association Records).   Maybe we need to go back and take a closer look at what really mattered back then.

Thrumster Cemetary
If you are looking for your ancestors in Caithness then the graveyards and cemetaries are excellent places to start.  Also excellent records are held in the North Highland Archive.  As we have been building Miller Family pages we have highlighted a few clear headstones from that family group in Thrumster.

Where Did All That Snow Go?
A few pictures whilst picking up today's paper to show Wick candefy weather forecasts anytime.  Colder and more snow they said....well yeah if you believe that....

James Bremner - Monument
Taking a few quick pictures as above - add another monument to the collection.

Hogmanay Links
Wick on the webcam 10.30pm on the 31st. See Below for details.  Meanwhile here are just a few links about Hogmanay from around Scotland.

New Family History Section
Following the Miller Family history pages we put up on Tuesday from Canada we received the the next day Miller Family history from Australia.  The collections of information have been extensively researched over many years and extend to many family names with Caithness and Orkney origins.  We have not yet had time to look for cross connections - have a go and let us know if you find any.  We will add any other references to other groups if the information is emailed to us.  We will add links to other web sites and family names but cannot deal with data not already prepared. The Family History section is now listed on this page to make it easy to find.  In a few weeks our search engine will pick up all the names to make searches easier as the information grows.  Good Luck to anyone searching in 2001.

Snowy Caithness
A collection of pictures of Thurso in the snow today.  Forecast is colder tonight. 

Snowy Caithness
Scrabster and Watten got their share of snow today.

Snowy Caithness
Heavier snow in the west today.  Castlehill Harbour, Dunnet Bay, Newton Hill, Castletown, Bower, Reaster Road, Dunnet Head

Wick at 3.30pm
A walk over to north baths to take in the fine calm weather.  Very cold today but no wind.

A Miller Family History
The Millers of Caithness spread out around the world.  Starting today Caithness.Org brings you a family history whose connections still make their mark.  Find out how the Titanic disaster almost stopped part of it.

More Pictures From The Carol Concert

Room With A View
Wick had some snow late last night.  Here it is at 11.45am today. 
See it at 9.00am on the Weather Page.  More Later today.

Snow Links For Kids
All your questions answered.

A Little Bit of Caithness?
Another quick test for your knowledge of Caithness.  Where is this back garden?

Latheron Village Hall Tickets Sold Out
Latheron will welcome the New Year in their new hall with an opening bash.  All the entertainment is lined up and no doubt it will be a great evening.  Have a great night if you are going.

More Jessie Begg Poems
Two poems from the late Jessie Begg.  "Castletoon" and "The Bonny Scrabster Braes"

Track Santa Round the Globe
In our Christmas Pages you will find a link to the Norad Santa site.  Every year they track Santa round the world and last year on Christmas Eve over 3 million people logged on to find out where he was.  If you want to find out what he eats, where he goes, is he real, listen to some Christmas Music and lots more then this is the place.  The site is up and the tracking runs for 24 hours on Christmas Eve.

Caithness Citizen's Advice Bureau
The local advice service is a voluntary organisation.  they are currently running a recruitment campaign.  Check out their page if you are interested in training to deliver advice services. So if you want to meet new people and get valuable training check it out in the New Year and make a difference in 2001.

Christmas Carols In Caithness
400 people crowded into Wick Old Parish Church for the annual Carols from Wick Choral and the Caithness Orchestra.  Many old favourites and some new ones.  We dashed off to bring you these pictures at half way when everyone gathered downstairs for refreshments.

Caithness Historical Notes
Farm Stock
Crops and Manure
Fences and Dykes

Christmas and New Year Messages
Remember to leave your Christmas and New Year message for friends and relatives around the world on the Message Board and check it out to see if old friends have dropped in over the holiday period.

More Historical Caithness Notes
Clothing and Footwear
The Landholding and Crofting System

Little Bits of Caithness
So you think you know Caithness?  Here is a just for fun page to test you out over the next few weeks.  We will put up an item or picture of some item or place to see if you really know the county.  The answers will usually be given or found on the site.  First picture in will depend on how much you get out of your car.

Reunion Update for Wick High
Latest list with current locations for this reunion.  If you are thinking about another reunion then just get in touch with us at Caithness.Org for a FREE page to have your information seen around the world and keep everyone up to date with your arrangements.

Scottish News Feed Page
This is our first go at getting Scottish News Feeds on the site.  Not the most up to date but we are searching the net to improve it.  Check it out to see if we succeed.

Kids Links
If you are looking for things to do before or even after Christmas try trawling through our growing Kids Links.  New ones are being added in different sections regularly.  Today's site just in tells you all you ever needed to know about blowing bubbles.

Caithness Historical Notes 1750 - 1900
These note were prepared by Donald Omand historian and writer for Caithness Field Club Bulletin in October 1974.  They will be published over coming weeks.  First in is The Croft House and Food and Drink.  Check the index for further notes to come. Many of Donald Omand's books are still available.

Dunbeath Walk Pictures
Probably the last organised walk in Caithness for 2000.  Mary Legg, Highland Ranger from Dunnet took a group up the Dunbeath strath on a sunny winters day.

Caithness Fern Survey 1974
Very detailed information from this survey carried out by the Field Club.

Whale Survey
If you are out on the coast in Caithness over the holidays remember the whale survey is going on and if you sea any whales then report them.

Monuments and Water
A Re-interpretation of the Grey Cairns of Camster. Amelia Pannett an archaeology graduate currently at Cardiff university has generously reworked her lecture for Caithness.Org pages.   Originally delivered at Dunbeath Preservation Society on 15 October as part of Archaeology Week.

E Access Bulletin
Caithness.Org is featured in the latest issue of the Email newsletter sponsored by a number of organisations for people interested in technology issues for people with sight impairment or blindness.  The newsletter is reproduced here for anyone who has an interest in this subject.  You can sign up for your own monthly copy by following the links in the newsletter.

The Long Decline Halts Here?
Last night's public meeting in Wick revealed the outline proposal to rejuvenate the Pulteneytown area by the local community and the council.  The work starts shortly on a Heritage Lottery bid for the funds to carry out the work.  Here are some of the pictures shown last night with an outline of the history and the ideas.

The Sea Battle Off Roudabjorg Caithness
Fought between Earl Thorfinn and Earl Rognvald as found in the Orkneyinga Saga but where exactly was the battle near Caithness.   Jack Saxon's article examined the evidence.

School Reunion - Wick Update

Rights Of Way
What rights do you have to walk those country paths.  An earlier Field Club article by the late Jess Campbell set out the position in 1981.  We would be interested to know of any updates in the position.

Work Horses - A Look Back
The animal power of not so long ago in Caithness.

Diverse Dandelions
They are everywhere in the UK but could you say how many different kinds of dandelion flower in your area.  Well we know in Caithness or at least we know a man that does.

Scenes from The Elves and The Shoemaker currently doing the rounds in Caithness schools in the run up to Christmas.

Research Into Family History
Some advice for those starting out from Caithness Field Club.

Botany of Scrabster Braes

Further Extracts From Inspector of Nuisances
The worries of ducks obstructing the pavement and manure in the harbour in the 1890's.

Auckengill Picture Additions

Caithness Deaf Care - 88,000 Lottery Award

Christmas Around Caithness
A page for pictures from around the county for Christmas over the next few weeks.  First in is the Portland Hotel, Lybster list up at night.

London Caithness Association
A note on the Association's recent 144th Annual General meeting. is also happy to announce that the London Caithness Association have agreed to allow us to publish a record of their activities up to 1976.  This 50 page document written by one of the members gives interesting accounts of what they have done.  Many Caithness people will find their relations in the 50 pages we will be publishing over coming months.  A truly remarkable account including the two world wars and how they helped Caithness service men passing through London.

Latest on Maternity Services Issue

Markets in Caithness In the Old Days
Another glimpse of Caithness life in years gone by from Caithness Field Club.

1974 East End Boys - Most identified

Sinclair's Bay
Check out this for weather last Sunday.  Reiss Beach on Sinclair's Bay and it was not too cold.  You just never know how good it can be

Evolution Of Vegetation of Northern Scotland
From the Present to 7500 BC brings you the information.  It certainly was not like Sinclair's Bay back then.  Check the chart to see what was around Since the Ice Age in the North

The Motor Bus In Caithness
The way travel used to be from 1913.

Some Common Caithness Toadstools And Their Uses
Another nature topic with a Caithness slant.  There are still people in Caithness who know what to gather.

Many more links are still going onto the pages.  More recent additions are in Kids Links, Educational Resources which might be of interest to parents as well as teachers.  There are now nearly 450 categories to choose from.

Early Morning Twin Calves
Twin charolais calves born early on Sunday morning at Quoys of Reiss farm showing that work on farms is still a 24 hour a day lifestyle.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards
November awards to young people from Red Cross, Guides, Sea Cadets, Thurso Open candidates, Farr School, Air Training Corps, Boys Brigade and Scouts.

Thurso Fayre Christmas Pictures
The crowds were out on Saturday with shops creating jolly atmosphere.  It was easy to spot a shop assistant.  Maybe they should do it  every day.

Heathfield - Thurso
Latest pictures on progress of the new houses.  Situated on lovely slope on the outskirts of the town the first few houses of about 40 are well under way.

Sandside Harbour Quiet Beauty Spot
The Harbours Section of pictures is filling up as we add Sandside to the list.  Pictures at the end of November

Walk Round Scrabster Harbour
Bill takes a walk round Scrabster Harbour to see what's going on near midday.

Where Caithness.Org Visitors Are Coming From
Thanks to all of you out there for looking in on Caithness.Org.  November was another record month on the site.  Pictures are still popular and we are happy to add requests to our growing list.

More Extracts From Inspector Of Nuisances
Maybe we should reinstate this post.  We can think of plenty of work for the job.  Have you got a nuisance problem.  Post it on the Message Board and see if anyone has an answer.

Broubster & District Educational Records
Increasing the Information on Caithness via these school records.

Maternity Drama Puts Services back on the Front Page
Latest drama brings it home how vulnerable people are over 100 miles from Inverness.

Preserving Our Geological Sites
Although Mr Saxon wrote this piece 20 years ago We are sure his views remain the same today and this rerun for his article may give others a timely warning of what may still be lost.


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