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April 62 yr met' average is 47mm (1.9'')
  My last 8yr ave;- is 48.5mm (1.9'')
  So we will need 2.3mm daily to the end of the month to maintain the average.
  April's average number of dry days is 10 over 8yr average.
  At the moment April 2002 is the driest month in 8yrs and not a lot of rain forecast.
  Highest daily temperature average for April is 49.2oF 9.6oC
  Highest daily Temperature April 2002 to date is 49.4oF 9.7oC)
  Lowest daily temperature average for April is 39.3oF (4oC)
  Lowest daily temperature April 2002 to date is 39.7oF (4.3oC)
  Highest daily gust of wind for April 8yr average:- 26mph
  Highest daily gust average for April 2002:- 28mph
  As you can see its very average as far as temperature is concerned.

                        Wick's Extremes since Jan 95 to date.
   Highest temperature:-       76.7oF (24.8oC)  16/08/95
   Lowest Temperature:-       17.3oF (-8.2oC)   01/03/98
   Highest Gust of Wind:-      69mph               03/01/00
   Driest month;-                  10.4m (0.4'')        August 95
   Wettest month                 119.4mm(4.7'')    September 95
   Wettest day:                    29.2mm(3.8'')      18/02/96
   Driest year:-                     538.6mm(21.2'')   1997
   Wettest year:-                  660.4mm(26'')      2001
   Most dry days in a month:- 21  Aug 99
   Most wet days in a month:- 29  Dec 99