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Scottish Food Fortnight
18 September - 3 October 2004

Scottish Food Fortnight 2004 runs for two weeks from Saturday 18 September, and the organisers of Scottish Food Fortnight are encouraging people to slow down and enjoy buying and eating local food. Hopefully this will encourage people to discover the great food and drink in their area and support their local communities.

“Take some time out,” urges Jo Papworth, Project Manager of Scottish Food Fortnight “and enjoy Scottish food and drink”.

Jo continued: “Maybe it’s been a while since your last proper Sunday Roast, or maybe you’ve been so busy that you haven’t had a chance to prepare food from scratch for a while. In today’s hectic world it happens to us all so why not make a special effort over these two weeks, take a detour from your normal routine and go to a farmers market, or your local butchers shop - take some time out and rediscover the joys of buying and cooking local produce.

“Scottish Food Fortnight makes it easy for you to buy local. There is something going on wherever you are in Scotland – Farmers’ Markets, in particular, are a great source of fresh, seasonal food and drink – and it hasn’t flown round the world to get to your plate. With promotions and discounts all over Scotland, local food and drink is even cheaper than usual so you can buy even more.

“With festivals, fun-days, promotions, discounts, special SFF menus in hotels and restaurants, cookery demonstrations with celebrity chefs and loads more – there is something for everyone. But you don’t even need to leave your home. You can celebrate Scottish Food Fortnight by cooking a ‘local food meal’ and take pride in the fact that all the food was reared / grown and sold within just a few miles. In addition to great food and drink you know that you’ve supported your local community.

“Scottish Food Fortnight involves the entire nation in celebrating our food, our drink, our culture and our hospitality. Scotland is rightly famous for all of these, let’s take the time to enjoy them.”

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Get your local ingredients and make traditional meals.  They are tasty, nutritious, healthy and may be cheaper than you think.  Plan ahead and what you make might last for two or three days used in different meals 

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Caithness Strawberries

Think about it!!

  • Caithness is surrounded by coast and fresh fish is landed daily is one of the best things for oils and vitamins.

  • Caithness has lots of grass fed cattle and sheep - providing local butchers with prime meat for roasts.  Local butchers can tell you exactly what farm the animal came from if you ask.

  • Vegetables are grown locally but do you look for them.  Ask shops if they supply local vegetables and buy them if available then more will be offered in future.

Cook Fresh Food For Health and Environment

  • Home made soup can have meat stock and vegetables without additives and you can control the salt used.
  • There are many outlets for eggs in Caithness.  Why not try local eggs and support a local business.
  • Use as many prime ingredients instead of packets and tins and you and your family will benefit.  Buy local produce and you will help the environment as many foods are transported hundreds of miles by road or air.