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Could Be, Might Be but We Can't Guarantee of Interest to
Young People

Young People News At Scottish Parliament

Stop Text Bullying

Nuthin to do in Caithness
Why not check out the Sports over 100 groups listed
Youth Groups
Swimming - Uniformed Groups.
What goes on in the Village Hall.  If its not what you want see the committee.  Can they set up a new group. 
Check Caithness Voluntary Group to see if there is any funding available for equipment or training.
Have you checked out the Library recently.  
Young Engineers Club - Caithness

Your Health Your Life
Think About It - Sex That Is
Tobacco Unwrapped

HEBS Health Topics Lots of info gathered together on several important topics cancer, sexual health, drugs, alcohol.  There are leaflets and papers from simple advice to more complex but you will get to the bottom of many important issues that you might need answers to.  Information can be complex and if you are in doubt about a health matter ask someone? Often your fears about having something deadly will not be true and many things can be put right if caught early.   Never keep health problems to yourself.  Adults do not know everything but they often know who else to ask.  If you are really worried about something then ask your relatives, doctor or district nurse.  Most folk find the problem is easily dealt with and if its more serious then waiting will not help.  Remember your health is more important than any worries about getting trouble. 

Dialogue Youth
Dialogue Youth is a national Scottish initiative developed through a partnership between COSLA, the Scottish Executive, all 32 local authorities, the national youth information charity Young Scot and most importantly young people.  Targeted at the 12 - 18 year age range, Dialogue Youth was piloted in fur areas and is now being rolled out across every council area.
The Dialogue Youth web site is under development.

Young People News - Scottish Parliament

Young Scot
Link to Young Scot Everything for young Scots - Advice, Travel, discounts and lots more.  If you are between 15 and 25 years old check Young Scot out for information Travel Discounts all over Europe and much more.  Membership is 7 for three years and is well worth it as you will save that on your first bus trip especially if you live in the Highlands.
In Caithness go to your local Community Education Office in Wick or Thurso for a pack.

Youth Scotland
Provides a wide range of support to youth groups in Scotland.  Has a membership of over 670 groups and clubs.  Offers help with constitutions,, ideas on getting up and running, fundraising, FAQ sheets, Insurance cover, ideas and advice......

Youth Information
includes over 1000 information topics and holds contact details for more than 1200 national organisations, including hundreds of built-in web links.

urban75 is one of the busiest non-profit community sites around featuring photos, bulletin boards, direct action, magazine, football, useless games, drug information, Brixton guide, Punch a celeb, warp a superstar DJ, rave reports and more! It's big but keeps it interesting and attractive, something like that!

Junior Exec - Scottish Parliament

Highland Source Teen Magazine

Bullying Online

Common Myths About Getting Pregnant

Teen Advice

Teen Scene


Youth Clubs Scotland


Youth Internet Project

Reach For The Sky Aim for Your Career

Millennium Experience

Shell LiveWire 
Think about starting a Business

Does your School or group have a Web site to add to our lists to let everyone find it.
Let Bill know Email bill@caithness.org

to check out web sites in Caithness.
Not many but they are increasing.

Respect - The facts on smoking - get it!!!

Albert Kennedy Trust
Association of Youth with ME
Boys' Brigade
British Youth Council
Bryn Melyn Residential Community
Campaigners: Christian Youth on the Move
Cathedral Camps
Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre
Duke of Edinburgh's Award
Frontier Youth Trust
Girl's Friendly Society
Guide Association
Harriet Trust
National Association of Youth Orchestras
National Council of YMCAs
NOVI MOST International
Ocean Youth Club
Prince's Trust
Prince's Youth Business Trust
Priority Youth Housing
Sail Training Association
Scottish Youth Hostel Association
Scouts Official Homepage
Unemployment Unit & Youthaid
Y Care International
Young Action On-Line
Youth at Risk
Youth Education Service
Youth Hostel Association

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Youth Volunteering

WorldWide Volunteering

Lets Talk About Sex

Uniformed Groups
Caithness Uniformed Groups
Girls Brigade

Scouts Links
Boys Brigade

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