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Worldwide Volunteering Opportunities

World Exchange - international volunteering opportunities of world Exchange and the international ecumenical centre St Colm's International house, Edinburgh.

Try here if you interested in environmental and nature type projects.  They are in the UK and many other places.  Some are funded and others are partly paid for by you

United Nations Information Technology
to create a worldwide network of information technology volunteers
Net Aid - Set up by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).  This site is for matching volunteers with projects which can be done through the internet/email, e.g. translations research work etc.   Any other ideas?


Alliance Exchange is a European platform for 27 members of an Alliance with a variety of activites.  
Voluntary Service Overseas
Tackling poverty in 74 countries
Volunteers between 21 and 68 years of age..  share skills and knowledge with local people.
United Nations Volunteers IYV 2001
See What activities & events are being planned to celebrate and raise awareness of volunteering on the global level.  2001 is the International Year of Volunteering.
Masses of information from American site with information from across the world.
World Service Enquiry  
Camp America
Age: 18+ Working with youngsters in summer camps. fares provided.
Global Citizens
Age: 18+ Belize, Guatemala, Yucatan, Kenya, St Vincent, Mexico. Building, Decorating, Teaching. Costs $450 - $1300
Global Volunteers
Age 18+ China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, USA, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, etc
Teaching English,construction,summer camps.
i to i International Projects
Age: 18-25, Russia, India, Greece, Turkey, Sri Lanka
Teaching assts and English teachers. TEFL course provider.
Age: 25 - 60.  Professional service in cross-cultural situation.
Oasis Trust
Age: 18+  India, Tanzania, Brazil, France.  Training alongside local church and projects.
One World Volunteer Institute
Age: 18 - 70.  Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa.   Street Children, Treeplanting, AIDS & health campaigns, construction.
Operation Mobilisation
Age: 17+.  Summer Challenges
Team Outreaches, evangelism, training
Peace Brigades International
Age 25+.  Haiti, Sri Lanka, Colombia, North and central America.   Unarmed accompaniment protection, peace education and research,  non-violence workshops.
Project Trust
Age 17 -19.5.  Worldwide.  Prof teacher aides,  social service helpers, development workers.