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Wolf Trust UK
The Wolf Trust is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to facilitate the reintroduction and recovery of wolves (Canis lupus) to the Scottish Highlands. Wolf conservation transcends borders and the Wolf Trust is active throughout Britain.

Boomer Wolf Web Site

International Wolf Centre

Wolf Web

Tundra Wolf

Anglian Wolf
British wolf conservation interest group

Behavior and Ecology of Wolves
Information on wolf behavior

Canid Specialist Group

Carpathian Large Carnivore Project
Conservation of wolves and more

Complete Wolf Information Center
All more about Gray Wolves in North America.

German Wolf Association
Protecting wolves and educating everyone about them, especially in Germany.

International Wolf Center
Lots of items here. American bias.

Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe
Conservation of large carnivores: lynx, bear, wolverine and wolf, across Europe.

Searching Wolf
Useful wolf links -  US site.

UK Wolf Conservation Trust
UK wolf centre

Wolf Country
Information and education about wolves - in Ohio.

Wolf Help
Lectures about wolves.

Wolf Society of Great Britain
Awareness and, conservation of mainly European wolves.

Wolf Source
Information and educational

Wolf Watch
UK wolf centre

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