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Think Tanks and Research Institutes

Highland Thinknet - Discussion forum for new ideas in the Highlands of Scotland

Scottish Policy Net - discussing social, economic and cultural changes

G20 - 
discussion and policy issues in industrial countries and emerging markets

Adam Smith Institute
Centre for European Reform
Centre for Policy Studies - independent centre right think tank
Centre for Reform - public policy think tank pursuing the values of the Liberal Democrats
Centre for Research into Elections and Social Trends (CREST) - an ESRC Research Centre
David Hume Institute - legal and economic aspects of public policy questions
Democratic Dialogue - "Northern Ireland's first think tank"
Demos - "to help reinvigorate public policy and political thinking"
Economic and Social Research Council - UK funding agency for research and postgraduate training into social and economic issues
European Policy Forum
Fabian Society - UK left of centre think tank
Federal Trust - federal issues of national, continental and global relevance
Institute of Economic Affairs - free markets think tank
Institute for Fiscal Studies - research institute promoting economic analysis of public policy
Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR)- centre-left think tank
Joseph Rowntree Foundation - independent social policy research and development charity
National Centre for Social Research - independent social research institute (formerly Social and Community Planning Research)
New Economics Foundation - "works to construct a new economy centred on people and the environment"
New Policy Institute - focus on modern society’s major services
Policy Studies Institute - research studies relevant to social, economic and industrial policy

Royal Society of Edinburgh - "the advancement of learning and useful knowledge"
Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) - Comprehensive links to international affairs resources
Scottish Council Development & Industry (SCDI)
Scottish Poverty Information Unit