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Tartan Day

Thurso Pipe Band Returned From New York After A Packed Schedule For 2004 Tartan Week
The Thurso Pipe band arrived back on Tuesday night after a hectic 5 days in New York to take part in the cities Tartan week celebrations.  As well a playing at the parade the band played at the pre parade Ceilidh held by the New York Caledonian Society and at Times Square.  Band secretary David Manson said "There were many highlights of the trip with us being filmed in Times Square, Playing for the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, playing down 6th Avenue, trips to the statue of Liberty and the New York Empire State Building as well as some lighter moments of the trip with pipers Bryan More and Graham Fryer doing a Marlyn Munro over a ventilation grating in the middle of Times Square and Bryan playing jingle bells on the pipes to a packed bar while they sang along". David added "the band, partners and friends really worked hard over the 5 days with us playing at a variety of venues at short notice, we can be very proud of ourselves as we put on a good show in the Big Apple"

Lots Of 2004 Tartan Day Pictures
Saeculis Photographic
Thurso Pipe Band in here also.

Thurso Pipe Band Band Instruments Badly Damaged In Transit To And From New York
The band had a couple of hiccups with one set of pipes going missing for 4 days, and when they finally got them they were damaged and when they flew into Aberdeen the bass drum and mace had not arrived with the rest of the luggage, when we finally got them the bass drum was totally wrecked.   Looks like the band will be back on the fund raising trail to repair or purchase some new kit.

Thurso Pipe Band Carries Caithness.org To Tartan Day 2004
We would like to say thanks from the web site here at Caithness.org for the Thurso Pipe Band adding our web site to their banner for the parade in New York on Tartan Day. That is certainly the most far flung place the web site address has been seen in any way other than on the web itself.  So many thanks from us here at Caithness.org for carrying the name so far.


April 7, 2004 [New York, NY] - Last night, hundreds gathered in New York City to celebrate Scotland and honor the Forbes family with The American-Scottish Foundation (ASF) presentation of The Wallace Award.  Alan Bain, President of the ASF, presided over the awards ceremony at Scotland Magazine's "Icons of Scotland" dinner where Wallace, Christopher and Moira Forbes accepted the honour.  "New York City and the American-Scottish community is indebted to both the Forbes family's generosity and its proud acknowledgement of its Scottish heritage. They recognize their heritage as a source from which they draw strength," said Bain.  "Each member of the Forbes family has inherited the tradition of commitment to business, public service and philanthropy."

Tartan Day Tuesday 6 April 2004
Tartan Day is only a few years old in New York and is already becoming a week of activities for the many folk who now head for Manhatten in New York.  In 2004 Thurso Pipe Band will be at the parade


Thurso Pipe Band have done all their final preparations for their journey to New York to participate in the well known Tartan Day Parade on Tuesday 6 April 2004.  The Bandís final preparations included their last practice, and a TV interview with North Tonight which will be shown before the band leaves on Wednesday, and the unveiling of a banner, which Band President Billy Gunn will be displaying when he marches at the head of the band at Saturdayís Parade in New York.

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What's Tartan Day About- From The Scottish Executive
America's National Tartan Day on April 6 has a strong resonance in modern Scotland.

Since 1998, the date has been officially recognised by the US Senate as a celebration of the contribution generations of Scots-Americans have made to the character and prosperity of the United States.  It is a fortunate coincidence that 1998 was also the year of the passing of the Scotland Act which re-established a Scottish Parliament the following year after an interval of almost three centuries.

Many have said the influence of Scots on America had been immense, quite out of proportion for a country with a population of just five million.

President Woodrow Wilson, the son of a Scots presbyterian minister, said: "Every line in America's history is a line coloured by Scottish blood."

In the USA there are over 20 million people who claim Scots descent, and most take pride in the transatlantic connection.

Today St Andrews Societies, Clan associations, Caledonian clubs and Burns Suppers are the most obvious signs of continued Scots influence on modern day America.

The Tunes of Glory event in 2002, with 10,000 pipers and drummers marching in the streets of New York, was a magnificent spectacle that c aptured the imagination of the world.

But behind the tartan, modern Scotland also makes an impact in the global economy as an aspiring leader in many areas of modern science and technology.

The truth is that Scotland, as a constituent part of the United Kingdom, has been reinvigorated by its new Parliament which has radically changed the political landscape. In three short years the Parliament has found a personality and has become a focal point in Scotland.

And at the same time, of course, the world comes to Scotland as a world-class tourist destination.

In historical terms much of the basis for today's political system in Scotland was done here in Edinburgh during the 18th century.

The Scottish Enlightenment was very influential across Europe and helped to shape the thinking behind the American constitution.

As did the principles found in the earlier Declaration of Arbroath from 1320. The anniversary of its signing is the date on which Tartan Day is held.

Common sense philosophy, and the belief that any man is as good as his master, and that the people reign supreme. These democratic traditions still unite us today in the 21st century.

The links between Scotland and America, both historic and contemporary, run deep and remain strong.

Tartan Day is now firmly part of the US calendar and a welcome signal that the Scots-American relationship can only strengthen in the 21st century.