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Keo.org - -check out this great site

Great Balls Of Fire

Eclipse Cam - brings you info on eclipses and other unusual activities with web cams.

Bad Astronomy - 

British National Space Centre

Spacezone - Everything to do with exploration - pictures and video

Space FAQ

Galileo - Journey To Jupiter

Basics of Space Flight Learners Workbook

Guide to Space Exploration

Views of the Solar System

A Practical Guide to Astronomy

My Virtual Encyclopedia -Space & Astronomy  Masses of Links 

Jodrell Bank  Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratories at Jodrel Bank

Mars Society Mars News

Photo Journal Nasa's Planetary Photojournal taken by spacecraft

Planetary Society Beginners, Great Photos, Latest Discoveries 

Royal Observatory Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

Sky at Night Companion to TV Programme - Excellent

Space.com Big site, history, books, news - - - - - - - - - 

Space Views National Space Society

Spacer Huge collection of news and Links

STAAR Research Scottish Rocket Programme

British National Space Centre

National Space Science Centre

Cassini-Huygens The Mission to Titan - Landing 2004?


NASA Brilliant, huge site, You will never see it all.

JPL's Missions

Astronomy MegaLinks
BBC Space Pages
British National Space Centre

Cassini Home Page
Cassini Mission to Saturn
ESA - European Space Agency
Galileo's Jupiter Atmospheric Probe
Galileo Mission to Jupiter
Hubble Home Page - Hubble Space Telescope
Huygens Probe Mission to Titan
HST - Hubble Space Telescope Information Service
International Space Station - Follow the progress of the construction - at Marshall Space Flight Center
Lebedev Institute of Phyisics - Astro Space Centre; Russian
Magellan Mission to Venus
Mars Pathfinder Lander and Micro-Rover
Mullard Space Science Laboratory

NASA - The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA HQ Homepage
Main NASA Homepage
NASA Ames Research Centre
NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
NASA Television
NASA World Wide Web
NASA Space and Earth Science Programmes Directorate
Pioneers 10 and 11 in the Outer Solar System
Planets at NASA
Russian Space Science Internet
Russian Space Museum
Russian Academy of Sciences
Space Daily - Space News service
Space Page
Space Projects
Space Shuttle
SpaceShuttle / ISS Page
Space Telescope Science Institute  University of Arizona
Space Today
The Universe Today
Topex-Poseidon Mission to Planet Earth
University of California, San Diego  Centre for Astrophysics and Space Sciences
Voyager Outer Solar System Mission

news headlines
The Hubble Space Telescope
Hubble Pictures

The Keck Observatory in Hawaii

The Solar System
Views of the Solar System
Earth & Moon Viewer

The Nine Planets, which includes . . .
The Planet Mercury
The Planet Venus
The Planet Earth
The Planet Mars
The Planet Jupiter
The Planet Saturn
The Planet Uranus
The Planet Neptune
The Planet Pluto
Uranus's moon Miranda
The Asteroid 951 Gaspra
Astronomy Organizations and Magazines

The Planetary Society

Sky Online (Sky & Telescope Magazine)

Astronomy Magazine

The U.S. National Air and Space Museum

Small Satellite Home Page, maintained by the Center for Satellite Engineering Research.

The Lewis Center for Educational Research
Astronomy Site Indexes/Search Engines

AstroWeb: Astronomical Internet Resources


Lots and lots more links from Sky Online

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 
SETI has been using the assistance of ordinary people at home to assist with the search.  Already 1.3million PC's are involved in the calculations using information from space.  Volunteers download SETI@home from the University of California Berkeley from the project web site http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu
The programme acts as a screensaver whilst it is working doing the calculations when your Pc is not in use but switched on.  The data comes from the Arecibo dish in Puerto Rico capturing radar signals.  Tiny bits of the data are sent to volunteers Pc's via the Internet.  the process can take 12 to 80 hours for each piece of data and when each bit is completed it is sent back and another piece is sent.  Anyone whose bit of data finds life will share the accreditation.  If you want to take part it is straightforward and at least you get a high tech looking screensaver to show you the programme is working away.
This is the biggest use of global computing power ever undertaken so have a look.
The Earth
-  satellite pictures of the Earth.
NASA - some excellent cameras of the Kennedy Space Centre.
The Moon - satellite images of our moon.
News From NASA - Updating

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