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30 September 03
New Big Issue E-social business launches.
In a bold new online venture, the people behind the Big Issue have just launched a new breed of consumer self-help service. Aimed at getting us over life's sticky moments, around tight corners or through boring, stressful everyday tasks, http://www.BigIssueLists.co.uk offers over a  hundred well researched, up-to-date and easy-to-use  checklists to make sure things get done and  we all are less stressed. Three years in the making, the new venture retains the Big Issue focus on homelessness by putting back 50% of sales to its vital, internationally recognised work.

http://www.BigIssueLists.co.uk  offers over a hundred lists on subjects such as managing your budget; learning to drive; organising a barbecue; student housing and choosing nursery care at a cost of  only 1 to 3 each. But at the heart of the website are a set of ten free lists aimed at life's very difficult moments covering issues like homelessness, drug problems and depression. As the new business grows, BIL will develop this internet based list-of-lists to cover many more useful, stress busting topics.

Additionally the new site offers a very generous 25% affiliate deal on sales coming from third party websites such as charities and social enterprises. More information here http://www.bigissuelists.co.uk/affdefault.asp

Big Issue founder John Bird, first dreamed up this new social business idea by becoming aware of his own pressured life and work. Says John, "People are more and more time poor today. We all have too much to do and not enough time to do it in -  it's sad but true. Busy people like me want to be better organised, to get more done or to have time to chill but that's a job and a half  in itself. We all wish someone else would do the organising for us but that's not really going to happen either. http://www.BigIssueLists.co.uk does the organizing bit for us. All we busy people have to do is follow the action lists step-by-step to get done what plain and simply needs doing. I'm all for an easier life for us all and by using this new self-help service our customers will also be contributing directly to our work with homeless people too. Everybody wins."

Big Issue Lists is  the latest venture from the Big Issue, the international publishing phenomenon. 50% per cent of all sales from BIL will be returned directly to the Big Issue to fund its vital work on homelessness and issues directly connected to finding creative solutions for each homeless person.

BIL is a social business - that is, a company aiming to be profitable and meeting social needs at one and the same time. Social business is about doing a different kind of  business.