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Social Care

British Association of Social Workers: The site has a busy home page and is built using frames, so you can't bookmark your favourite page within the site (and it might trip up "readers" used by people with visual impairments). The navigation can be confusing and some promising directory pages come up with a page saying "nothing to display". But if you can ignore these web no-nos, there is information about, eg parliamentary briefings, events, branch news, special interest groups and other relevant material.

International Federation of Social Workers: Global social work organisation. Straightforward information about its conferences, members and activities. (But can't they lose the testicular spinning globes logo?)

Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Invaluable, well laid-out site, with online bookshop, summaries of research finding, research in progress, responses to government consultation and press releases.

Unison: Useful and easy-to-navigate site from Britain's biggest public sector union. News, information about the union and important issues, listings and databases. Top marks for the online shop where activists can order their campaigning wares.

Virtual social work: Useful portal site.

Scottish Government: Easy to navigate, with press releases and publications. Despite the UK's commitment to open government, you'd not find it easy to email politicians or civil servants directly. No separate social work site.

The National Assembly for Wales 

Northern Ireland Executive department of health, social services and public safety: Fairly standard government web site, with press releases, explanations of policies etc. Pretty easy to navigate but some big irritations, such as the surveys and research pages list document titles but don't give access to documents (eg as Word or PDF documents).