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Chichester Harbour Wildfowlers Association
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Pigeon Watch UK

Ancholme Valley Clay Target Club
British Association for Shooting and Conservation
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Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain
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Pigeon Shooting - Pest Rid

British Shooting Season
Wild Duck & Geese 1 September - 20 February
(Below high water mark)
Wild Duck and Geese 1 September - 31 January
(Inland)  - Geese includes Canada, Greylag & Pinkfeet
Duck includes Mallard, Wigeon, Teal, Pintail, Common Pochard, Tufted, Shoveler, Gadwall, Goldeneye - 1st September-20th February in or over any area below High Water Mark of ordinary spring tides. 1st September-31st January elsewhere, except that in Northern Ireland all duck shooting ends on 31st January
Coot, Moorhen & Golden Plover: Sep 1st - Jan 31st

Grouse 12 August - 10 December
Ptarmigan 12 August - 10 December
Black Game 20 August - 10 December
Partridge 1 September - 1 February
(In Northern Ireland the season varies from year to year and is generally much shorter).
Pheasant 1 October - 1 February
Capercaillie 1 October - 31 January
Snipe 12 August - 31 January
Woodcock (Scotland) 1 September - 31 January
Woodcock (England & Wales) 1 October - 31 January
Curlew Protected at all times but shooting allowed in Northern Ireland Sept 1 - Jan 31

Red Stags

Scotland 1 July - 20 October
England & Wales 1 August - 30 April
Red Hinds
Scotland 21 October - 15 February
England & Wales 1 November - 28/29 February
Fallow Buck
Scotland 1 August - 30 April
England & Wales 1 August - 30 April
Fallow Doe
Scotland 21 October - 15 February
England & Wales 1 November - 28/29 February
Roe Buck
Scotland 1 May - 20 October
England & Wales 1 April - 31 October
Roe Doe
Scotland 21 October - 28/29
England & Wales February 1 November - 28/29 February
Sika Stags
Scotland 1 August - 30 April
England & Wales 1 August - 30 April
Sika Hinds
Scotland 21 October - 15 February
England & Wales 1 November - 28/29 February
Other Sporting Information

Rabbit - anytime
Hares anytime. Cannot be sold or offered for sale between Mar 1st - July 31st.

Salmon Season Closes 30 September


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10 February 05
Jamie McGrigor MSP McGrigor hits out at "acts of barbarity"

Highland MSP Jamie McGrigor has hit out at the way the Deer Commission manages deer numbers in Scotland.

Speaking in a debate in Parliament on Deer Management, the Conservative MSP, who is a member of the Inveraray and Tyndrum Deer Management Group, described recent culls on the Cobbler and at Glenfeshie as "acts of barbarity".

Said Mr McGrigor "There is no doubt that the herds of red deer which inhabit Scotland's Highland regions are a very important part of our national heritage. They must be managed in a way makes the most of this valuable asset rather than reducing the monarch of the glen to the status of vermin.

"Management should be controlled by the work force on the ground, advised by the local deer management groups which are already in place. The recent indiscriminate massacres of deer in Glenfeshie, on Ben Lomond, on the Cobbler and at Braemar are not acts of responsible management - they were acts of barbarity.

"Not only were they indiscriminate but the methods used, the evidence of which can be seen on the Scottish Gamekeepers Association videos, are abhorrent to anyone who has the welfare of Scotland's red deer at heart. It is important that the public should be told the true facts about the tragedy which is taking place amidst Scotland's wild and beautiful places".

Mr McGrigor called for more consultation between the Deer Commission and the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, arguing that gamekeepers knew best how to manage Scotland's wild areas.

"I do not understand why the Deer Commission, which is charged with managing the welfare of Scotland's red deer, has not asked the Scottish Gamekeepers Association to nominate one of their professionals as one of the Commissioners.

"The Scottish Gamekeepers Association is the body with by far the most practical knowledge of how to successfully manage wildlife in Scotland and know best how to combine open moorland and woodland areas and get the best from both".