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Scottish Archaeology

Caithness Archaeology

General links

The Council for Scottish Archaeology

Historic Scotland

Royal Commission for Ancient and Historic Monuments in Scotland

The Current Archaeology Directory of British Archaeology: Scotland

University Departments

Glasgow University Department of Archaeology

Edinburgh University Department of Archaeology

Archaeology Units and Services

Council for Scottish Archaeology

Glasgow University Archaeology Research Division

Scottish Urban Archaeology Trust

Headland Archaeology

AOC Archaeology Group

The Archaeological Diving Unit,  St Andrews

The Highland Archaeology Service

Historic Scotland

Backtrack Archaeology (specialising in Archaeological Illustration, Survey and CAD)

The Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory at Scottish Universities Research and Reactor Centre

Archaeoptics (digital recording, reconstructions and presentations)


Hunterian Museum

The National Museums of Scotland

The Kilmartin House Trust

Marischal Museum  University of Aberdeen


Scotland's Parliament Excavations -  Holyrood Archaeology Project, to investigate the future Scottish Parliament site.

Some examples of GUARD excavations:

Some examples of SUAT excavations:

Fife Ness - complete excavation report of this mesolithic camp by Caroline Wickham-Jones and Magnar Dalland, published in Internet Archaeology.

The Newstead Project - the Roman fort at Trimontium - by Bradford University Archaeology Department

The Roman Gask Project (University of Manchester), studying the Roman Frontier works on and around the Gask Ridge in Perthshire.

Other Links

Ancient Stones Of Scotland

Glasgow Archaeological Society
- founded in 1856, the Society fosters public awareness of archaeology through its programme of lectures, publications, field visits and other activities.

Sculptured Stones of Early Medieval Scotland - information and models from a Departmental reseach project

Ancient Scotland Tour by Paola Arosio & Diego Meozzi

The World of Crannogs Mark Holley at Edinburgh University

Scotland's First Settlers - a regional study of the earliest settlement (the Mesolithic) on the Atlantic seaboard of western Scotland by Caroline Wickham-Jones and Karen Hardy.

Research projects from the Archaeological Diving Unit and Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies

Prehistoric Stones OF Wonder - a look at some Scottish Archaeoastronomy
Includes information on Ley Lines

Backtrack Archaeology - a series of pages including news about Scottish archaeology and a debating chamber ...

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